Beta Cringe God... THE INCIDENT. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Hay guys, I' m back. Really sorry for vanishing again. For those of you who give two sh beta cringe God Beta Cringe Beta Cringe God  sad pathetic story funny Cringe Worthy WTF
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Beta Cringe God... THE INCIDENT

Beta Cringe God... THE INCIDENT. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Hay guys, I' m back. Really sorry for vanishing again. For those of you who give two sh


Hay guys, I' m back. Really sorry for vanishing again. For those of you who give two shits but don' t receive my
messages because you' re not on my friends list. I' ll keep this short... I had a death in the family. A couple weeks
ago, my cousin walked in on a home invasion and was shot. Hospital for over a week and didn' t make it. A lot of
family death events (culture stuff) that we have to do. Mostly visiting each other. All the guys sit outside and
talk politics, while the women are inside crying. After this I had my exams to do, but am finally done. Summer.
At long last.... Here it is.... The conclusion of the BCG stories and the reason I gave up on him. My next series will
be about another beta cringe.... MR. Home School.
AS you can guess, this occurs when I turned 18.
The day of my 18th birthday party, and graduation of high school ceremony (Birthday is June 13th, graduation is
14th, family combined in one event) I had a party.
Shit ton of people over.
Friends, Family, and Acquaintances alike.
Of course, Cringe God, Mom, Dad, and Daughter where all there.
The children were altogether in the backyard playing in the Jumper my mom decided to get to keep them
My friends and cousins around my age were all in the garage: we got a cool set screen , PlayStation 3,
chips, dip, pizza, music, drinks, and beer pong 'non alcoholic beer' (cuz we' re rabbles like that).
Anyhoo, we' re enjoying ourselves, like people there.
BCG being his usual awkward self, but when it comes to video games he doesn' t really talk. And in all honesty,
he' s freakishly good at all video games.... Like.... Scary good.
He' s busy decimating everyone in Tekken who' s willing to challenge him while my friends and I are playing beer
This goes on for a few hours. BCG remains completely quiet the entire time. Video Games.... Fucking kryptonite
to him until someone tries to talk to him, then he gets all..... well..... BCG about things.
So ya.... After a few hours, my dad comes in the garage with a big smile and a blind fold.
He makes me wear it for a birthday surprise as he has everyone in the garage stop what they' re doing and go
inside the living room.
I could hear laughing and music inside as well as whistling.
My dad leads me inside and sits me down on a chair in the living room.
Music is blaring and my uncles and dad' s friends are cheering. My friends and cousins are clapping and
My dad takes the blindfold off only for me to see a tight ass in a pink thong in front of me.
YEEYEEYEE. My dad got me a stripper.
Smoking hotty. Tall, tan skin, light brown hair, pink thong, pink bra, and heals.
She grabs my hands from behind and places them on her ass cheeks, then turns around and begins to give me a
lap dance.
Clearly.... I AM IN FUCKING HEAVEN. This chick knew what she was doing.
She began to grind on my crotch, placing my hands on her chest as she continued to ride me ( Version).
After a few minutes, she grabbed me by the collar of my button up shirt and forced me to stand up.
She then began to go around teasing all of the guys before coming back to me.
She began to unbutton my shirt, taking it off leaving me in my tanktop.
I got into things and began to spin the shirt over my head.
She took my shirt and pulled the dental floss move with it between her legs.
She throws my shirt back at me and begins to go around teasing the guys again.
As soon as she gets to BCG, he takes off his shirt and begins to spin it over his head like I did.
Everyone is laughing and begins to cheer for him. The stripper found it funny and began to pull the same move
she did with my shirt (he had a Toshiro, so I guess it was harder to do?).
The stripper is laughing as well.
He then does the / UM.
He drops his pants, staying only in his tighty whitey' s with a clearly visible bone.
The stripper was shocked but couldn' t help but laugh, like... at him.
He picks up his pants and throws it at her as he began to do what I can only describe as the pelvic thrust
towards her.
Everyone is cracking up at his behavior, blown away at what he' s doing.
He, taking this as approval, drops his undies.
I shit you not.... The entire room went quiet.
The stripper' s face was horrified in disgust.
He basically ran towards her, his undies around his ankles.
One of my uncles stood in front of him, stopping him and smacking him in the face at the same time.
seeing this bum rushed his son, wrapped his hand in his hair and like, pushed him onto the floor, cussing and
screaming at him.
PM took note and picked him up by the wrist, dragging him outside stark nude, cussing and screaming at him.
grabbed his daughter and stormed towards the door.
On the way out, he handed the stripper a hundred dollars, and slammed the door behind them.
That was it.... The final straw.....
In front of all my friends.....
In front of EVERYONE.....
BCG takes what should have been a celebration and once again, threw out all the rules of social order out of the
He took a fun evening and made it sickening.
Lost a shit ton of high school friends.
And my 18th birthday and highschool graduation.... Two events that should be VERY big mile stones in anyone' s
life.... Are marked by the misadventures of the one.... The only..... BETA CRINGE GOD.
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