What has been seen cannot be unseen.. Hope this isn't a repost... Barking Good breaking bad puppies
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*Barking Good*
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*Fixing Good
Fixing Good
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Bryan Cranston will always be Malcolm in the Middle Dad to me. But I also know that he played a couple Power Rangers villains. So here's how to tie together everything I know about him and his acting career in one fluid story.

Walter White goes insane, and starts fighting off the DEA, who he thinks are power rangers, under the aliases of Snizard and Twin Man. What he thinks is his lizard skin as snizard and his ability to disguise himself as Twin Man are actually bulletproof armor and disguises he had stocked up on long ago. Now insane from losing contact with his family, and probably hopped up on his own product, Walter goes on several rampages throughout the city, killing dozens. He gets away several times due to his high intelligence, though he is not aware of it, and is finally taken down by red ranger Hank. As he lays dying in a prison hospital, a death sentence awaiting him if he pulls through, an angel appears, and talks to him. The angel understands that Walt is basically a decent man who was driven insane by his lifestyle and illness, and that he started all of this for the best of reasons, the reason of taking care of his family. He offers him one more chance, a chance to make right with his soul. Walt, crying softly, takes it, and his memories fade as he suddenly begins anew, a bright-eyed 35 year old cubicle worker just expecting his first son, Francis. With his lovely wife Lois, Hal enjoys a life of wholesome family fun, though his temper and propensity for self-destructive behavior from when he was Walt occasionally does leak through.
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This goes up OP's ass.
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Related. Enjoy x
Related. Enjoy x
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