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Can somebody explain, please?
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for a serious response, the actor above is called Bryan Cranston. He played the father on the show malcolm in the middle. In that episode he apparently made a microwave work without having to close it which, over some time because of radiation, can give you cancer. In the 2nd picture, its the same actor that plays walter white in the show breaking bad. In breaking bad, he has cancer. OP was making the connection between figuring out how to make the microwave without having to close it in one show and the cancer that his character got in a different show.
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The man in this post is Franklin Delano Roosevelt. the former prime minster of Russia from 1811-9002. He got dick cancer because a microwave ****** slapped the **** outta him for making it so it would work with the door being closed. 20 years later he got lung cancer because apparently you are a faggot. Weird.
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That had me laughing for 5 mins straight!
That had me laughing for 5 mins straight!
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You deserve every single one of those thumbs
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I adore you.
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This made me blow air out of my nose so hard.
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Thats a thumb and a fave for you, my friend.
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it's pretty late and i read that and it made perfect sense. now i can't stop laughing.
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