50 Shades Of Meth/Minerals/Breakfast.. found on /tv/ not oc. ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ______ Tuco bent
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50 Shades Of Meth/Minerals/Breakfast.

50 Shades Of Meth/Minerals/Breakfast.. found on /tv/ not oc. ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ______ Tuco bent

found on /tv/ not oc.
________________________________________ ________________________________________ ______
Tuco bent Heisenberg over the breakfast table. He knew that this would be his only opportunity to **** Heisenberg on this table, the only hour of the day where Junior was away from it. He ran his fingers down Heisenberg’s plump and ready arsehole. He pulled out his dark, sultry penis, and started trying to force the head into Heisenberg, but it simply would not fit. ‘TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT’, he yelled in anger, alerting Walt to the issues that the beautiful young Mexican was having. He took his pork pie hat and put it on, before flipping Tuco over in one swift, beautiful yet forceful movement. He looked Tuco in the eyes and bellowed ‘I am the one who knocks, on your back door, you little slut’. He started carefully kissing Tuco up and down his body and chest with passion, incredible passion. He then let out another dirty bit of sex talk, as he moaned ‘You know, I love Los Pollos Hermanos, but I prefer Tuco Bell’. As soon as he finished his sentence, he puckered his lips and wrapped them around Tuco’s mineral hard yet accepting penis, like Marie wrapping a stolen Tiara in gift paper. He began slurping on the young Mexicans penis, but before he was even fully erect, Tuco’s penis exploded inside of him. Tuco then looked Heisenberg in the eyes and asked why he had meth dripping down his face. ‘This is not Meth’, came the reply from a disappointed Walt. Before leaving, Tuco turned to the hefty frame of Huell, who was pleasuring himself in the corner. ‘Huell, you satisfied?’, he queried. ‘Reasonably’, came the answer.

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User avatar #3 - dreadedsin (03/29/2013) [-]
I read it as 50 shades of Meth minecraft minerals and breakfast.

So drugs, stones and coco pops
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