stuff. stuff. think. Bl I' m at all the hate :::: in the Hates. anon. anon ET m HATE HOW ' E herms Otis fr: -m mm. What if unalaq and vatu merged to create a dark avatar? that would be interesting..... stuff
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think. Bl
I' m at all the hate :::: in the Hates.
anon. anon
E herms Otis fr: -m mm
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#3 - colorparty **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#4 to #3 - anon (11/03/2013) [-]
Varrick bigger twist in korra ever.
#12 to #4 - colorparty **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #25 to #4 - veryevilmen ONLINE (11/04/2013) [-]
true but we still haven't seen any real evidence of him being evil. So far he is shady as **** but since he is so random that could pretty easily be explained away. Those detonators are the only real evidence so far and its not like Varick is the only one that could have those.
User avatar #34 to #25 - fatspartan (11/04/2013) [-]
I say it's his assistant. she's got dem shifty eyes...
User avatar #20 to #4 - dejhire (11/04/2013) [-]
so true i was like HOLY ****
#13 - JHDog (11/04/2013) [-]
What if unalaq and vatu merged to create a dark avatar?    
that would be interesting.....
What if unalaq and vatu merged to create a dark avatar?

that would be interesting.....
#48 to #13 - baitdoesnttalkback (11/04/2013) [-]
not realy
#65 to #13 - jubajubejiblets (11/10/2013) [-]
That's one of the coolest headcannons i've ever heard, the plausiblility...
#66 to #13 - GRBanimefreak **User deleted account** (11/22/2013) [-]
well how do you feel about your prediction now?

(assuming you have seen the episodes by now)
#67 to #66 - JHDog (11/24/2013) [-]
It was pretty awesome, not gunna lie
#23 to #13 - olddevil (11/04/2013) [-]
By God; It would be magnificent.
By God; It would be magnificent.
User avatar #27 to #13 - adzodeux (11/04/2013) [-]
#28 to #13 - feratrox (11/04/2013) [-]
That's my theory as well, since that light spirit gave Wan his elemental powers. Both would be in their own avatar state, but Unalaqs eyes would be purple I guess (the cool kind not the gay kind).
#64 to #28 - Elemental (11/07/2013) [-]
User avatar #29 to #13 - verwarming (11/04/2013) [-]
I think that Unalaq thinks this will happen, and that Vaatu has promised this. But when they merge Unalaq will not survive, because his body can't handle the power. After the merger he will either die, and Vaatu will go forth on his own, or Vaatu corrupts Unalaqs body and they will go forth as some sort of super spirit/monster/human.

Just my 2 cents
User avatar #33 to #13 - fatspartan (11/04/2013) [-]
That would explain his ability to effect the rogue spirits...
User avatar #17 to #13 - illutvar (11/04/2013) [-]
i actually believe this is gonna happen
User avatar #19 to #17 - dejhire (11/04/2013) [-]
same here haha
#21 - mikhailovych (11/04/2013) [-]
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#30 to #21 - ninjamyles **User deleted account** (11/04/2013) [-]
#15 - electro (11/04/2013) [-]
i think they should give up on this story and just give the first avatar his own series. Those two episodes were absolutely awesome.
Also korra is a bitch while asami is so kind. This couple is the right couple. Korra can go suck tenzins balls
#46 to #15 - baitdoesnttalkback (11/04/2013) [-]
they were terrible if you care about continuity in the series, which a casual fan like you wouldnt care about
#63 to #46 - electro (11/04/2013) [-]
do go on
#18 to #15 - buddydms (11/04/2013) [-]
perhaps she is meant to come off as a bitch at first for the purpose of developing her character into a well rounded avatar. Aang was different he wasn't a bitch but he had trouble with accepting the responsibilities of being the avatar to the point were he isolated himself and accidentally got stuck in a glacier allowing a war to take place. He also doubted himself whereas Korra is over confident.
User avatar #32 to #18 - motherfuckingkenji (11/04/2013) [-]
Legend of Korra wasn't originally intended to be longer than just the first Book with Amon.
I don't really like her. LoK is great and all, but it's nowhere near the overall quality of ATLA.
User avatar #35 to #32 - elitehacker (11/04/2013) [-]
korras body makes up for it.

in all seriousness though

i don't care for the story in the second season as much as the first.. the first had a great aspect of evil and genocide. the take reminded me of Hitler in WW2 toned down to be removing their powers via amon rather than murder.. probably to rank the show at a y7 rating .. but they chose to go with a ********* villain for this season and make it more bad vs evil without taking the idealistic aspects they tackled in the first one. that's the only real flaw in season 2. they are high schoolers. what do you expect? adult level maturity? they'd lose their target demographic that way. the whole show is supposed to be marketed around children, and in this case, teens. last season had a very mature and real world theme going on which attracted adults into watching it.. this one doesn't. sorry, i'm trying to say it in as many ways as possible in fear that you don't understand me.

Korras attitude is what i really like in girls. especially when they are confident like she is... reminds me of a few girls i had major crushes on in school.. you know, she's the stereotypical rebelling, tomboy, sports girl.. and hot headed mako is your classic jock.. asami is like that typical goody christian attitude who struggles seening the wrong in the world.. as she is optimistic about people.. thinking they are all good type of thing. and really nice tech girl all rolled into one. you remember any girls like that from school? (if you went)

so while you're saying it is nowhere near the quality of ATLA.. it is.. you're just not seeing the artists perspective. there is so much going on... and it is such a prime example of what going to school at least in the U.S. is like.. even showing the fatherly and motherly aspects of rebellion and coming to terms with their helpfulness...

that's all i gotta say man.. it's a lot.. but i'm only showing my take on it.
#41 to #35 - motherfuckingkenji (11/04/2013) [-]
Both Aang and Korra were put under a lot of pressure.   
Aang learned to handle it all and became far more mature and wiser than his age would suggest while still keeping a sense of humor and (most of) his innocence.   
Korra is still all "muh relationship drama!"   
EVERY main character in ATLA went through their own personal trials and hardships and came out stronger for it.   
In LoK, really only Korra and Asami had any real personal problems, and of them only Asami changed.    
I don't doubt that things will change over time in the coming episodes (maybe in a possible third season), but for now, it's just a decent show that doesn't live up to its predecessor.
Both Aang and Korra were put under a lot of pressure.
Aang learned to handle it all and became far more mature and wiser than his age would suggest while still keeping a sense of humor and (most of) his innocence.
Korra is still all "muh relationship drama!"

EVERY main character in ATLA went through their own personal trials and hardships and came out stronger for it.
In LoK, really only Korra and Asami had any real personal problems, and of them only Asami changed.

I don't doubt that things will change over time in the coming episodes (maybe in a possible third season), but for now, it's just a decent show that doesn't live up to its predecessor.
User avatar #16 - faithrider (11/04/2013) [-]
i think mako and asami should have stayed together in the first place, but whatever...
User avatar #39 - captainfuckitall (11/04/2013) [-]
Eh. Frankly I'm ******* sick and tired of everyone complaining about the Legend of Korra. I've seen bits and pieces and it seems great, the animation is wonderful, the characters are deep and engaging, the plot is thick, and it's obviously emotionally connecting due to all the hate it has.

The only reason people view it in such a poor light is because they constantly compare it to "The Last Airbender", when it ******* ISN'T The Last Airbender. It's a new show with new elements and you have to ******* deal with that even if it won't get you your nostalgia high; you do realize how hypocritical you sound bitching about how COD or other games are always the same thing, yet complain when The Legend of Korra is different, right?

Furthermore, cut it some ******* slack. It was meant to be a little series, just a tiny spin off; but it has since evolved into its own series and all the characters had to be fleshed out, points had to be re-visited, and everything had to be stretched out further than originally intended. Don't get your ******* panties in a twist, it's gonna be fine, just calm down and don't constantly compare it to The Last Airbender.
#43 to #39 - baitdoesnttalkback (11/04/2013) [-]
youre right. i honestly wouldnt be watching the show if it wasnt a avatar spinoff. i dont care for it on its own merits. on its own without the avatar label on it i would neglect it not hate it
User avatar #47 to #43 - captainfuckitall (11/04/2013) [-]
Although it's hard to tell emotions over text, I'm going to assume that was sarcasm. In which case I have a reply:

Number one: I never said people only watch it because of the Avatar label
Number two: The subject of my paragraph was the exact opposite, why people dislike it BECAUSE it's attached to The Last Airbender

I'm saying it's a good series, but that due to everyone's nostalgia trip and constantly comparing it to something it's not (The original Last Airbender), many people dislike the quality of the show, because all they can see is the differences between the two, rather than its own merits and what it BRINGS to the lore, not just copies.
#49 to #47 - baitdoesnttalkback (11/04/2013) [-]
i simply stated i dont really like it and i personally wouldnt watch if i didnt get oppotunity to continue the world i loved originally
User avatar #61 - sailorarctic ONLINE (11/04/2013) [-]
I never liked Asami from the get go and was excited to see Korra and Mako hook up. Now that I see Mako's true nature it reminds me entirely too much of my husband when we went through a brief split and he "filled the void" with the first bitch willing to spread her legs. Mako is unfaithful and a pussy dumping Korra just because things got rough. Asami is a homewrecker and I feel sorry for poor Korra when she finds out because her heart is going to be broken worse than Bolin's. true love and relationships take work. I always kinda hoped Asami would turn into an evil bitch just so I could watch Korra kick her ass.
#60 - picklethepeter (11/04/2013) [-]
If these creators have taught me anything, it is that while we're free to make judgements about the show as it's moving along, it's best to reserve any final judgements until the season has ended. The creators of Avatar and LoK have always done an excellent job at at making sense of everything and wrapping up a season with an incredible final handful of episodes. I have my issues with the show like everyone else but I still enjoy it and I have no doubt that by the time it's all said and done I'll be very happy with season 2 as a whole.
#53 - neocortex (11/04/2013) [-]
This image has expired
I didn't like Mako from the start and at the end of Season 1 I was desperately hoping that something ****** up would happen in Season 2 to make them split.

I was not disappointed. Out of all the characters in LoK Mako is the lamest.

Bolin all the way
#37 - funnychunk (11/04/2013) [-]
Okay, so that's the deal: I ******* love Avatar: The Last Airbender. Matter of fact, I'm re-watching it right now for about the fifth time.
I have never seen a second of LoK.

My question: Should I watch that Korra-thing, too?
Would you recommend?
'Cause I've seen so much hate for the new series on here and other sites, I'm really not sure.
I don't want to ruin my 'Avatar-experience' kinda thing because of this.

What do you think? To watch or not to watch..?
#68 to #37 - anon (11/28/2013) [-]
Notes to keep in mind:
Korra is basically the opposite of Aang.
Mako is hated by the community.
Season two was not as good as season 1.
Watch it if you want, but it really is a different show than avatar; the last airbender.
User avatar #40 to #37 - captainfuckitall (11/04/2013) [-]
Yes. It's a fine series, the only reason people bitch about it so much is because of their nostalgia trip. Just don't constantly compare it to The Last Airbender and it'll be fine
User avatar #42 to #37 - tigronn (11/04/2013) [-]
#44 to #37 - baitdoesnttalkback (11/04/2013) [-]
season 1 had amon and the equalists, but i suggest you stay away from season 2
#50 to #37 - dirtycopgangsta ONLINE (11/04/2013) [-]
Only watch "Beginnings, Part 1" and "Beginnings, Part 1" if you want to watch a true Avatar sequel.

If you're not bothered by excessive boyfriend problems and stereotypical Female drama intensified by the "pressure of being the avatar", and one the least capable avatars in the series thus far, then go ahead and risk watching the whole thing.
#51 to #50 - funnychunk (11/04/2013) [-]
So I guess it's fine, as long as I don't expect anything I loved from the original series to happen?

Wow. Great..

That's exactly why I hesitated this long.

Gee, I'm just going to pretend it's something completely different and lower my expectations accordingly.

Too bad...
But thank you all anyway
#57 to #51 - dirtycopgangsta ONLINE (11/04/2013) [-]
One more thing, even if you decide to not watch Legend of Korra, watch "Beginnings, Part 1" and "Beginnings, Part 2". They tell the story of the first avatar, and they're worth it.
User avatar #54 to #51 - apocalypticburrito ONLINE (11/04/2013) [-]
its an ok show
not even on the same level as avatar TLB
but there's some story showing the after story from where TLA left off
its a nice idea with the equality thing but not that great
and bolin kinda becomes the saka of the new avatar
and the second season is very spiritual sided and the very begging of the first avatar which is pretty sweet i guess
#56 to #51 - dirtycopgangsta ONLINE (11/04/2013) [-]
Well, I'll provide some of the reasons why I dislike Korra and nearly the entire series, by comparing.

Aang was a young adolescent. He was kind, collected, calm, understanding, goofy, brave and did everything to help everyone. Even though he had no formal "Avatar" training, he was an immensely powerful bender.

Korra on the otherhand is older than Aang. She discovered she was the avatar at the age of 4, when she could bend water, earth and fire. She has had extensive training during her entire life. Despite this, she is a horrible fighter and bender, both weak and clumsy at the same time, often being defeated by regular benders.

Korra is the opposite of Aang. She's rash, brash, all brain no brawn, has almost no respect for anybody except herself, instead of solving problems, she usually creates more problems/makes things worse, betrays the people who stand by her, creates drama and likes to whine. Imagine your regular duck-face dumb bitch, but with more muscle.

She's not only the weakest avatar to date (even counting the waterbender who got owned by the face stealing spirit), but is one the least likable characters in the series. It's easy to hate Korra when she betrays one the kindest persons in the series, Asami. The series should have been "The legend of Asami" because she's very much older Katara, except she's not a bender.

The only redeeming quality of the first season is the antagonist, Amon. This dude's ******* badass, but gets shat on by the writers at the end of the season. INB4 "Hurrrrr Duurrrrrr I can airbend!" That ******* make you furious too.

You decide whether you want to watch it. Just tell me what you think when you finish catching up.

Thanks for reading my rant.

#58 to #56 - funnychunk (11/04/2013) [-]
Rants are honest opinions packed in unkind words. I love them.

I think I'll start watching LoK, when I'm finished with TLA. I had hoped for an Avatar succesor but now I'm just looking forward to seeing it with my own eyes and making up my own mind about it.

I'll come back here and tell you how it went. Wish me the best of luck..
User avatar #52 to #37 - lastweek (11/04/2013) [-]
The problem is that the most annoying, stupid, narrow sighted bitch ever is the avatar and the surrounding characters are not much better but I guess if you have time and the second season of it has been getting better and in the latest episode she finally grew the **** up. All that is really bad is that the characters are stupid and narrow sighted, other than that it's good.
User avatar #36 - fatspartan (11/04/2013) [-]
Just means Bolin has a chance (and if he doesn't take said chance, I'll be pissed)
#45 to #36 - baitdoesnttalkback (11/04/2013) [-]
bolin is friendzoned by both girls according to creators. no love interest whatsoever
User avatar #59 to #45 - fatspartan (11/04/2013) [-]
Aang was friendzoned even Momozoned by Katara and he was able to get out of it. I'm not counting out Bolin out just yet
#62 to #59 - baitdoesnttalkback (11/04/2013) [-]
but the creators said bolin is just a friend. to my knowledge they never said that about aang
User avatar #31 - daentraya (11/04/2013) [-]
I'm so glad that Mako was dropped by Korra. Mako and Asami are the only two sane people, both of them are quite cool characters, and they just work way better with each other
User avatar #26 - imaan (11/04/2013) [-]
Damn Mako. You jump from dick to dick as if you don't give a ****
#14 - anon (11/04/2013) [-]
Well **** guess no Korra and Asami now dammit.
#22 to #14 - ennemi (11/04/2013) [-]
never lose hope
User avatar #5 - rockmanfan (11/03/2013) [-]
apperently you CAN bend in the spirit world and aang was just a pansy or something.

why do i still watch this?
User avatar #6 to #5 - xehanortscrack (11/03/2013) [-]
Aang entered the spirit world by using his spirit, while he's physical body was still in the human world. Unalaq entered the spirit world through a portal and brought his body.
#7 to #5 - anon (11/03/2013) [-]
they entered the portal with their bodies so they could bend. It directly states that in the episode too. Korra won't bend in the spirit world next episode because her body is in the physical world just like aangs was
#8 to #5 - ababollere (11/03/2013) [-]
If you were paying attention, you would have noticed that Aang was in the spirit world as a SPIRIT. In comparison, Unalaq, Wan, Desma etc. were Physically in the spiritworld, not leaving they're bodies behind...
User avatar #10 to #8 - lotengo (11/03/2013) [-]
But then Korra will not be able to bend in the spirit world. Considering she got in there by meditating and her hot young body is still in the real world with Tenzin and Meelo
#11 to #10 - ababollere (11/03/2013) [-]
Exactly. Holy Jazzballs, the incest material there is in the making.
#24 to #11 - butterisgood (11/04/2013) [-]
Here's hoping shadman gets to work on this
User avatar #9 to #8 - rockmanfan (11/03/2013) [-]
if you were paying attention 2 other people already said that.
#2 - newdevyx (11/03/2013) [-]
You lack hatred.
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