Uncle Iroh Quotes Part 2. www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae6n1M3fLwU link to Iroh singing the song Part 1 /channel/bendingtime/Uncle+Iroh+Quotes+Part+1/gqyRGtd/. e fli avatar uncle iroh
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Uncle Iroh Quotes Part 2

e flipper's,' +
t? F: lilli
1/ Wintrier wag ma/ it or not
any l
Then. mere Ema: Ab, ENE I/
is no at aff must ' in to
yourself to slip down
thiat road) to your lowest
In the derpiest times, Rope is
you give yourself" trhat ts Alie m. cfarmer
To a, dumest with, you, at gest tea
tastes w/ there it comes in a
or a tin cup
Thiere is a
s"! Fowler
So Hits is Home Alie, rest
I t is usualy East to admit m. estates .',
occur, am to seek truestory Honor:
Haifa you
We next quote is _perfil_ Hie most _powerful
titten I Have ever seen. in a ‘TV Mow, It
desync' connects withi we Becauase my cousin.
audit see muck ' in
my uncle.
On tile may Late son' s , Droit sets
up a picnic wita a _pict' ure onhis son
tais song:
Hie vine
failing so stow
tiny spiele
Driftcore in foam
iii/ l ittle Daffier Boy
I'll. ll. wee
rave Notifier Boy
ozone .‘Marcaline
Trifoce Eu Teri .
was Alie “name '
ofzo Stray Se "
gromit; "r" stiller" e'
Elsa, this episode, ‘fates of Ba Sing
Se, was matte in Honor
Hiramatsu, Trois ,
actor who diagon Moat cancer
afore season 3,
Now to mom affray note:
THE tea is more
titan fist !
st/ iat' s drizzt at
I say
vi . somethiing so Jinrui% e?
Were may or not a, apart ,
Hut ify' it Twift/ safe it
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