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#501 - anonymous (04/30/2012) [-]
I'd personly kill the parrents and create batman than i would create Iroh... who is the most powerfull firebender and can create firestorms and fire off lightnings.... so... yeah...
#510 to #501 - slygecko (04/30/2012) [-]
so can Zuko, Azula and Aang...
#523 to #510 - anonymous (05/01/2012) [-]
Iroh is still firebending on a much higher lvl, Iroh invented the lightning bending and advances his style by using moves from other benders style to empower his own
#536 to #523 - acephenix (05/08/2012) [-]
False he invented lightning redirection not lightning bending. he based it off of water bending.
#529 to #523 - slygecko (05/03/2012) [-]
well, I'll be rooted.
logical statement is logical
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