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It wouldn't be prejudice on purpose. There's 4 of them, and 3 are children. If say, Tenzin wanted to start probending, it wouldn't be fair. You could have a team with say, a water, fire then him. No one else could do what he could, so it's an unfair advantage. It's like playing football and letting only one team have a quarterback. It just wouldn't be fair since not every team could have one.
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Their are only a handfull of airbenders that exist. Aang was the only airbender alive. So only the decendents of Katara and him have a chance at airbending. That is why their is no rules for airbending. Even more so, air bending is mostly used just to knock people back. It would be too easy for an airbender to knock players away from their zone! THINK!
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Aside from there being an extremely low Airbemder count, they don't seem to like Pro Bending or express any desire to play in it. Remember that Airbenders have a monklike civilization with peace and nonviolence being important values.
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I'm pretty sure there are a total of 4 air benders alive not including Korra as she hasn't gotten the hang of it yet.
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She hasn't gotten the Aang of it?
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right in the funny
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lawl. Thumb for you.
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