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User avatar #31 - ritsuka (05/29/2012) [-]
what is it?....
User avatar #32 to #31 - screename (05/29/2012) [-]
It is from the game, SPC: containment breach
http://scpcb(.)wordpress(.)com/<- download
delete the ()'s
#39 to #32 - anonymous (05/29/2012) [-]
its not from the game(well it is, but that's like saying flight of the Valkyries is from apocalypse now) its from a website that has a bunch of super natural articles(they are not real) just google SCP
User avatar #34 to #32 - ritsuka (05/29/2012) [-]
your name is awesome O .O
#36 to #34 - screename (05/29/2012) [-]
Thank you :D
Thank you :D
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