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Seriously though, what happened? I've been waiting for the answer to this question since A:TLA ended.
User avatar #17 to #16 - noamk (02/03/2013) [-]
read "the promise".
it's a fully canon comic by the creators of the show depicting what happened after book 3 ended. it also has the truth about what happened to zuko's mother in it.
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No it doesn't. The Promise is about a territorial dispute between the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation. "The Search" is supposed to reveal what happened to Zuko's mother, and it hasn't come out yet.
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Where would recommend I read it? Google pulled up a hundred different places.
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I started reading from this link, and I am very surprised that, so far, Ozai got some very legit advice for Zuko, I mean, I could have sworn he would just troll Zuko as hard as possible for his own amusement, with a hint of manipulation...
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Thank you
Thank you
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