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Ehmm...Im probably retarded, but could anyone explain the joke to me? :(

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there was an episode of Last Airbender where Katara learned to bend peoples blood from a weird old lady, effectively making anybody she chose her puppet. Katara didn't like it though because of the moral implications of reaching into somebody elses body and controlling them. It can only be done under a full moon because the moon amplifies water bending in the same way Sozin's comet amplified fire bending.
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didn't she use it on a ship captain once when she was pissed, I'm not sure that was under a full moon, I don't know but I don't think it was, was it?
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she did use it voluntarily on the captain of the southern raiders thinking it could be the man who killed her mother, but her and Zuko infiltrated that ship at night under a full moon
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Thank you sir, now I understand...   
Thank you sir, now I understand...

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