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#36 - krystalkitty
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(05/14/2012) [-]
1. Amon just used the Triad leader as an example of his power and to build support for his movement to make him look like the good guy. He want to take EVERY benders bending away, regardless of who they are or what they have done.
2. Again, more propaganda. Accusing benders of worshiping blatant cheaters (Wolfbats) in front of the entire city will obviously put him in a good spotlight amongst his movement. He hasn't taken away the powers of anyone important yet because he knows it will start a full scale conflict and give benders a reason for vengence. For example, he didn't take away Korra's bending because he didn't want her to be a martyr for the benders to rally around.

He's just trying to make himself look like the good guy, and you're buying into it. Peace between benders and non-benders is one thing, but declaring war on an entire city and promoting terrorism and anarchy is another. Attempting to rid the world of benders would just cause a conflict where thousands of innocents die, the non-benders would lose, and then they would be discriminated against even more than they are currently.

Amon is using flawed logic. He has no justification except that ridding the world of bending would somehow make all humans equal, which obviously is false if you look at our world today. So yes, his movement is unjustified and will not bring any peace.