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User avatar #124 - JasonBourne
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(12/25/2012) [-]
>Three weeks ago
>Philosophy class
>Professor is atheist
>One day lecture is about existence of "God"
>Professor uses Socratic style method
>Calls on girl next to me
>Professor: Hitler was bad, yes?
>Girl: Yes
>Professor: Well why would God put him on this Earth, knowing he would turn out to be this ruthless person?
>Girl: Well God put him here and gave him free will. Hitler chose to be that murderous guy.
>Professor: Oh but you see, there is no free will.
>*Christfags all confused*
>Professor: Free will implies that you have choices in life. But one of the traits of God is that of omnipotence. God knows everything and therefore, knows everything that you will do, and how you will make every choice in life. Therefore, free will cannot exist as long as this omnipotent God is present because there is only one possible outcome for every choice, that which God knows. Now I'll ask again, why would God put such an evil man on Earth if he is in fact "good".
>Girl: I don't know
>Professor: You don't know? Well answer me this then. Why do such terrible things happen to people during our time? Hurricanes, earthquakes, and similar tragic events.
>Girl: Because God is testing our faith.
>Professor: But does he really need to test our faith? God is omnipotent so he already knows whether or not we're truly faithful to him, and how we'll react after these tragedies.
>*Insert story of professor's brother being murdered with a hammer here*
>Professor: "What kind of God is it that knows that my brother is going to be murdered by an evil man, and does nothing at all to stop him? Could have God stopped it from happening? Of course! God is apparently capable of doing anything, so why not rid the world of these things?"
>Cue girl next to me getting up and leaving in tears
>Christfags in class (90% of class) all yelling at the same time
>Decide I'll just play angry birds while they finish arguing it out

Best class ever.
User avatar #269 to #124 - Sethorein
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(12/25/2012) [-]
your prof is lucky he wasn't up against a decent debater. I'm atheist and I can still fight those points decently...

End of the day, it's called faith for a reason. Some people are gonna have it, some people won't...
User avatar #151 to #124 - zkas
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(12/25/2012) [-]
Well, one could argue that without good, what is evil? Also, certain things that happen to people in their lives will affect them in the future. For example, his brother being murdered made this man into an arrogant asshole. This could lead to an extremely positive influence in someone else's life even though it appears to be a devastating tragedy.
User avatar #230 to #151 - JasonBourne
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(12/25/2012) [-]
Oh don't take this the wrong way. He's actually a pretty cool guy. He wasn't being arrogant about it or anything. Ironically, however, your reaction to the whole thing is quite similar to what many thought of Socrates, even though he wasn't trying to hurt anyone.
User avatar #137 to #124 - grrphc
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(12/25/2012) [-]
Omniscient=All Knowing

Omnipotent=All Powerful
Your Philosophy teacher is a dumb ass.
Also, who the ****** to say Hitler is bad? What the **** is bad? What is good? I mean, sure, according to my morals Hitler was "bad", but obviously he thought otherwise. He has the free will to do whatever he feels is right.
User avatar #194 to #137 - JasonBourne
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(12/25/2012) [-]
He used the correct terminology. I just mixed them up when typing them in, which is part of the reason why all the dialogue, except for the last bit, isn't in quotation marks.

Also, there was a bunch more to the argument than what I have up there. About the good/evil thing, professor made the class think of what makes God good since God is supposed to be good, then made God seem what would be considered "evil" in the eyes of the class.