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#33 - dotasaurus
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(01/16/2013) [-]
-If god doesn't exist, how come we don't drown when we drink water? Easy, We mutated Gills in our throat that splits the water into oxygen and hydrogen, which then is deposited directly into our bladder/lungs respectively

- If intelligent design is false, how come my hand is shaped perfectly to fit into a glove? Not So easy, See....Latex has figured out how to think for itself, and in its promiscuity it has decided that it wanted our fingers inside her ALL THE TIME.

- If science is right, how come the sun, which is a star, is a circle? It's a star as in Hollywood star...."FABULOUS"

- If god doesn't exist, how come Capri-sonnes come with straws? The tasty drink managed to scientifically prove that it could become even more ****** tasty with a funnel straight to the brain. But, being that science isnt that advanced yet, it had to settle with evolving a Straw.

- If god doesn't exist, how come another tissue pops up in the box when I take one? Tissues can watch you masturbate, Bro code man, Bro code.