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#11 - fenderocks
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(07/05/2012) [-]
This shouldn't be on funnyjunk. However, I guess I can discuss a little. I think God is perhaps another theory or entity to be discovered. Maybe he is an inter-dimensional being of higher dimension. I don't think there is a LOGICAL explanation for God in our near future because I don't think he exists under our set of rules. We can't understand every dimension in existence, honestly. Also, if you're talking about your bigfoot analogy, isn't it kind of ridiculous to define yourself by saying, "I believe Bigfoot isn't real!" If you don't believe in it, why follow it? Is it a superiority thing? Prove the other guys wrong sort of gig?
User avatar #14 to #11 - noblexfenrir [OP]
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(07/05/2012) [-]
I explained why discovering him is a probabilistic impossibility, and to say he is outside of our rules means that you can't prove god, nor can you make any argument for him being real. Under these rules, a universe farting fairy is just as likely. So it provides no substantial reason to believe in a god than anything else you can give the attribute of "not following our laws".

Noone defines themselves as an "A-bigfootest" because there aren't people trying to control a country socially/economically/ or politically with ideals based off of bigfoot.
So no it isn't superiority, it's merely expressing an opinion and showing logical thinking to a group that tried to integrate itself into a section of the nation it shouldn't be allowed.