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Makes sense


Don't bitch about this to much, I was just bored :/

Once upon a time before time had even begun

An immaterial being got all things done

He made there be light - before making the sun

Because hes almighty and thought thatd be fun

In just 3 days he made, the earth and the seas

And the grass and the plants and all the fruit trees

But wait, without Sun how would the seeds grow ?

Never mind that, hes God , thats all I need to know

Then he made the sun the moon and the stars

But I dont think he mentioned anything about Mars

He just threw them in heaven where they were to stay

And dont sell me no stories about Mily Way

So here ends the fourth day and right after that

he made fowls and whales and cattle and what not

Which were not made to evolve but were made just like that

Then God pulls the best trick he had up his sleeve :

He makes Adam from dirt, and Eve from Adams rib

They were made in his image, I know this for a fact

..I wonder where Gods belly button is at .

They were given a garden but theres a catch, you see

In the middle of it there was this tree

Of knowledge of good and evil, from which they must not

Eat, as we all know that knowledge is bad

But Eve was tempted by a bad snake from Hell

She ate the fruit and made Adam eat it as well

And this is why now there is cancer and Aids

And we must deny science and hate on the gays

And prays our righteous and alloving God

Who killed everybody during the flood

And I have a book to prove this you know

It was written thousands of years ago

So, I believe it because I have faith it is true

Doesnt this make perfect sense to you too ?

music by Kevin MacLeod at : incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-free/

Views: 2207 Submitted: 07/11/2013