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User avatar #844 - kampi (07/29/2012) [-]
I'm a humanist.

...I have nothing to relate too.
User avatar #896 to #844 - noblexfenrir (07/29/2012) [-]
Quick question:

Have theists proven to you there is a god? (Essentially asking, do you believe in a god absolutely, not you don't know, do you believe.)

Yes or no.
User avatar #897 to #896 - kampi (07/29/2012) [-]
Nobody have proven to me that there is a god, and neither have anyone proven that there isn't a god.

To be honest, I don't really care if there is a god or not. I mean, I don't feel like putting my life into any religion, neither do I want to disagree with people that do believe. I just believe in people. At both success and failure.
That's how things work.
User avatar #898 to #897 - noblexfenrir (07/29/2012) [-]
"and neither have anyone proven that there isn't a god"
We're going to completely bypass why that statement^ makes you out to be a ******* retard.

Either way you did say "nobody have proven to me that there is a god"

Congratulations! You're an atheist too.
User avatar #899 to #898 - kampi (07/29/2012) [-]
No, I'm not.

Christian: Believes in a god.
Atheist: Doesn't believe in any kind of strong "force" or "power" or god.
Satanist: Believes in Satan.
Agnostic: Believes that there is some strong "force" or "power", but doesn't know specifically what it is.
Humanist: Believes in people.

Simple as that.
User avatar #901 to #899 - noblexfenrir (07/29/2012) [-]
Actually atheism is not believing in a god with the evidence provided, which makes you an atheist.

Also 'agnostic' isn't a specific belief, it's a determination of knowledge. You can be an agnostic atheist/theist or a gnostic atheist/theist

(Agnostic- Does not claim absolute knowledge and will adjust their opinion when new evidence is provided.
Gnostic- Claims absolute knowledge.)

I'm glad you're a humanist and believe in people, it's a cute belief, however you still do not believe in god and theists have no proven it to you, this makes you an atheist.

Seriously why do hate being called an atheist? It's just as basic as me defining what your skin colour is.
User avatar #903 to #901 - kampi (07/29/2012) [-]
Well, I think it's maybe because it sounds quite bad in my ears, or it looks bad in my eyes.
I'm pretty much of an optimistic person, and I want to believe in something that makes me happy. Just as well as a Christian believes in god, because it make him/her happy.
And now, that I don't care if there is a god or not, but I still want to believe, I chose humans.
User avatar #904 to #903 - noblexfenrir (07/29/2012) [-]
This is something that I find is the problem with all beliefs, people are so focused on believing what makes them happy that they avoid reality. While yes you are facing reality and believing something that makes you happy, you still avoid ever being called an atheist simply because it sounds bad, which is ridiculous in my opinion.
User avatar #906 to #904 - kampi (07/29/2012) [-]
I have to agree with you, and I'm sorry. It sounds pretty silly. My sentences maybe weren't written so you could understand what I was trying to mean. I'm not saying you're stupid, I do not. But I have a reason to defence myself, and that is that english isn't my first language. That doesn't have anything to do with the subject, but yeah.

I may have sounded stupid and not have been bringing the kind of information that I wanted to bring.
In any way, so do I consider myself a humanist.
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