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4 things:
1.) The bible never straightout said "yay slavery" it was arrogance and the interpretation. The "White Man's Burden" sort of, if you will.
2.) Way to go to the Old Testement. Reason why it's called Old.
3.) I'm tired off all these religious posts, mainly from athiests.
4.) From one athiest to another; shut up, no one cares, get over yourself, move on with your life
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1) You're basically saying it's arrogance and a misinterpretation without any justification?
2) So, the omnibenevolence of God is inconsistent? Is God not an enlightened being?
3) Biased opinion.
4) Biased opinion.
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There is the matter that not most of religious figures stood against slavery, but most of the religious figures stood (and are staying) against homosexuality.
Then again, they are "white men" misinterpreting the holy teachings of god...
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Except the part which condemns gays also comes from the "Old" Testament. But that part doesn't get dismissed so easily.
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Until Christianity, and indeed all religions stop causing so many people to die for no good reason, I think these should continue.
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you're a good guy,
you're a good guy,
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