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Keep in mind the rules handed down where for that specific time and place. Societies evolve over time, and I'm pretty damn sure someone who came up with so many good ideas (Hey, you've gotta admit, if nothing else, this Jesus dude really made a good effort at improving peoples lives) would know that, regardless of if he's divine or not. TLDR: If it involves being a dick, don't do it, because while that may contradict some of the older stuff, it follows the overarching concept. Loving your fellow man, trying to be a better person, and leaving the world a better place then when you came into it.

Now, has for the Old Testament stuff...A lot of that **** was required just to get by. These people basically had the level of civilization of mud huts and farming. Too many people go gay? Lower birth rate, and not enough people to work the farms. Murder everybody? Same thing. Stealing? Leads to scarcity and death, and pissed off farmers pitchforking your ass, which leads to the aforementioned starvation deal from lack of farmers. There was a time and place, in the brutal past, that such laws where required...but we've evolved since then.
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Oh, and by the way? I'm a Buddhist, I just think most of the major religious prophets where decent people who tried to fix the world the best they could. And devoted their entire lives to it...Hell, I'd buy them all a beer if I could (Except Muhammad, he's got this whole thing about it.)