Atheist humor comp. Picture relating to atheism, if you are offended, I really don't care. Please leave your storm in the comments below.. were AM 1? SHIT, I TH Atheist humor comp Picture relating to atheism if you are offended I really don't care Please leave your storm in the comments below were AM 1? SHIT TH
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Atheist humor comp

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Atheist humor comp. Picture relating to atheism, if you are offended, I really don't care. Please leave your storm in the comments below.. were AM 1? SHIT, I TH

Picture relating to atheism, if you are offended, I really don't care. Please leave your **** storm in the comments below.

were AM 1?
AWE!ā€œ an
Sucked A Dick or Two In High School
van, THING R we (mm LET
Became t'
Stop than from
getting married!
believe in god and teach
yaw = want
that' s your right
Please just In
us? of US
we air own
choices, in
Cā€™ MON. In rem. mu
Put GOD in the
schools and coures!
Show them were
a CHRISTIAN nation!
Tars, WHY are you
leal meme
I' m going to create man and woman
with original sin. Then l' m going to
impregnate a woman with myself as
her child, so that I can be Born. Once
alive. I will kill myself as a sacrifce
to myself. To save you from the sin
I originally condemned you to.
The wmm new thev" theempire wmm gain, mm was mi
emu ALL Tris Won: Or some: mm Trde Wesson Oi
mam; Who Ex/ in mm. Surat: w
Tm: Worm Livia wmw :. umm Or Noam s Hons:
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> hey anon, wanna give your opinion?
#3 - mynameislego
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(06/03/2012) [-]
see a religious/christian/atheist etc my own OC as it was made for these types of occasions. LEGO. Learn it, Praise it, or be CRUSHED by it
#6 to #3 - noblexfenrir [OP]
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(06/03/2012) [-]
Mind if I borrow that for a minute?
User avatar #8 to #6 - mynameislego
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(06/03/2012) [-]
nice quote, use a better generator tho..quickmeme or memebase etc
User avatar #10 to #8 - noblexfenrir [OP]
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(06/03/2012) [-]
I just found the pic and did it in paint XD I wanted to do it quickly but memebase was being a bitch.
User avatar #1 - gameshredder
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(06/03/2012) [-]
The Church of the Holy Napkin, NEW RELGION
User avatar #7 to #1 - noblexfenrir [OP]
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(06/03/2012) [-]
He wiped me clean of my stains, PRAISE NAPKIN!
#26 - repostsrepost
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(06/04/2012) [-]
If you're an atheist, good for you. If you believe in religion, good for you. But neither gives you an excuse to be a condescending asshole.
User avatar #28 to #26 - noblexfenrir [OP]
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(06/04/2012) [-]
What if I'm innately a condescending asshole? or what if I believe in a god that says I can be one, actually says I HAVE to be one if I want to get into heaven. Stop disrespecting my beliefs!!
#34 to #26 - brutusantony
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(06/04/2012) [-]
#17 - anon id: b1d508c6
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(06/04/2012) [-]
These pictures are really offensive to religious people, especially the one with the nut job woman who represents only the obnoxious and intolerant members of society which can be found on both sides of the religious line, including the people who make these images. Really, it's a good idea for us to kill our unborn children, and mate with people who we cannot reproduce with? Does that make any more sense scientifically than religiously? Most religious people are pretty rational and our religions help us develope a stronger sense of morals. What's the fun of the world if everything can be explained? My hope is that with an infinite universe, we will never run out of questions to be answered and there will always be some things we can't explain.
User avatar #18 to #17 - kamusioso
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(06/04/2012) [-]
the universe IS infinite, that is what science says, why we want to explain everything? because that's the basis of the human being, we can't just have "God did it" as an answer. and while being gay may not be "productive", science doesn't forbid it, while it doesn't encourage it either, and on the morals thing, you can have morals without believing in god, and you can not have them while believing, Hitler was religious, terrorist do it for their god... so there
#21 to #18 - anon id: 38f1946d
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(06/04/2012) [-]
technically biology says that gays aren't normal
#27 to #21 - anon id: 4727c1b2
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(06/04/2012) [-]
i cannot even fathom how this comment got thumbed down. every species in the world is programmed to reproduce, deliberately only having sex in ways that cannot create offspring is completely unnatural. i understand the psychology of attraction but biologically it is not 'normal' at all
User avatar #30 to #27 - noblexfenrir [OP]
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(06/04/2012) [-]
Sigh, no animals of instinct are programmed to reproduce and they go with this because they have one job: Maintain their niche and survival of the species against predators.: That is all.

We as humans have the cognitive ability to do things against animalistic instinct that originates from the reptilian portion of the brain. You see if you make the argument that gays aren't natural because biologically they prove rather useless, then why aren't you promoting the killing of all lame people? People in coma's? People born with deformities or hell the abortion of kids who will be inferior?

You won't say that because theists have this idea that all life is sacred, but you cannot say one thing is biologically unnatural and then turn around and compltely change your view for something YOU think differently about.

But back on topic, because we have conscious functionality higher than regular animals and we are (as we know of) the top of the food chain, we essentially don't have a niche so we have the luxury of choosing how to live our lives. You see, something isn't a "natural" idea, if it can be thrown to the side for personal preference. It makes it a more common idea, nothing more nothing less.
#38 to #30 - anon id: 38f1946d
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(06/04/2012) [-]
well because biologically the lame and deformed are killed off by predators or naturally not by some person judging that has a bias on whats normal and whats not thats why humans aren't allowed to decide who lives and dies. Mark my words when the government enacts euthanasia they will be the most biased people their deformed child won't be killed but yours will that is why man should not judge others life because we have to much bias in every decision we make
User avatar #39 to #38 - noblexfenrir [OP]
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(06/05/2012) [-]
Actually most animals don't allow their deformed children to live. Some species eat them, some species leave them to die, and some just leave all their children to survive on their own. In the end, humans don't do this, we cater to the weak end of our species which is unnatural in the common acts of animal life.

But again, this doesn't really pertain to the point, I was asking how you can deem one thing unnatural but turn around and say a natural process is wrong because you don't like it?
User avatar #24 to #17 - pukingrainbows
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(06/04/2012) [-]
if you don't want to be offended, get off the internet
#33 - illusiveman
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(06/04/2012) [-]
<<< comments
<<< comments
#42 - hipsophobadon
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(06/06/2012) [-]
**hipsophobadon rolled a random image posted in comment #440 at You Want You Lose 5 ** lol if I posted all these on facebook i could cause  a mighty *********
**hipsophobadon rolled a random image posted in comment #440 at You Want You Lose 5 ** lol if I posted all these on facebook i could cause a mighty *********
User avatar #43 to #42 - noblexfenrir [OP]
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(06/06/2012) [-]
That is an incredibly accurate fortune telling roll. Obviously you must start said *********.
#37 - pazuzuftw
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(06/04/2012) [-]
this is my wall paper now lol
#15 - brandonstanford
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(06/04/2012) [-]
Laughed for a good 3 mins at this one
#16 to #15 - anon id: b1d508c6
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(06/04/2012) [-]
The only problem is that whoever made this doesn't no the meaning of original sin. Original sin is the sin of eating the fruit that we inherited from Adam and Eve. Original sin doesn't mean that Adam and Eve were made with the sin inside of them. It means they tainted the entire human race when they commited the first human sin. They were like clay that God was slowly molding until the devil decided to play around with them.
User avatar #29 to #16 - noblexfenrir [OP]
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(06/04/2012) [-]
god is all-powerful and omniscient according to theists. By this we have to assume nothing happens without god already knowing it will happen and what the outcome will be. Since god is all-powerful and knows what will happen, he knew that adam and eve would fall from grace by eating the fruit, by knowing this before hand he could have stopped it, by not stopping it, he caused it.

******* logic, how does that work.
#19 to #15 - anon id: 03b893d0
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(06/04/2012) [-]
I loled so incredibly hard at that one too! But mostly because that isn't what happened. Know what the Bible said before you make fun of it!
User avatar #44 - brandonsharklow
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(06/08/2012) [-]
It's like what i said to my christian co-worker i don't believe in a religion just that there is a higher power, now whether that higher power is God or the Batman i don't care people have there own beliefs.
#5 - ghostisaho
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(06/03/2012) [-]
Jesus approves
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