American Atheists' Tattoo Contest. This was the winning entry.. As an atheist, fond of science, I find this disrespectful to christians.


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I hate it when Christians wear religious stuff like a cross necklace, and constantly tell people how religious they are and why. We atheists are nothing like that: we wear atheist stuff like a tattoo and tell everyone how atheist we are and why.
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same with us mormans yeah
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you cheeky little bastard. laughed
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Sure, you can have both. but obviously this person decided that both didn't cut it, and has chosen to stick purely to science, instead of science and religion.

weird I know but I think it's a perfectly legit choice.
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Futurama did the same kind of thing. Futurama suggested that a universe begins from an intelligence, but then develops entirely on its own. It's an explanation that makes the most sense. Imagine starting a colony of bacteria. You don't know what's going to happen. You can barely see them. You certainly can't communicate with them. Nor can you affect each individual directly.
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Are you idiots actually trying to justify your believes on what you see on a tv-show?
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well yes, you can have faith in a god and accept evolution, there is nothing wrong with that whatsoever.
The problem however (just from a logical and ,well, fact based standpoint) is trying to have evolution and CURRENT "ABRAHAMIC REALIGION". If you are to believe those books you must either accept that God either lied about things like : the age of the world, animals being designed they way they are now at the moment of creation, man not evolving from subtypes of apes etc. or that evolution is completely wrong.
That's just basic logic, so yes you can easily believe in a gOd, no problem, but when you try to bring in a religion where GODS WORDS is non-compatible with volution, you're going to have a problem:)
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As a Methodist who majored in biology and worked in labs where religion bashing was a daily phenomenon, I truly appreciate this quote. I fully believe in the Big Bang and evolution, but I've always liked to think that these events were just too random to occur without a little push from something greater. That's just my opinion, and I respect anyone else's whether I agree with their point of view or not.
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here! here! finally someone who agrees
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It never tried to be the why...
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They still coinflict... what happens when Lawrence Krauss, probably one of the most notable physicists of our time, writes a book called A Universe from Nothing, arguing through science, why there is something rather than nothing, and needs no deity to be the first cause.

That kind of hurts the idea that god had sex with a virgin and gave birth to himself don't you think?

Inb4 stfu atheist scum, since these posts are always full of angry Christians wielding red thumbs... Just think about this fact.
I can't really be arsed to care what you believe at the moment, I'm just saying as a piece of advice, it is not the last time science and reason cross the path of religion... You will at times have to choose where to put your faith.
Though I haven't read it, I can recommend it through friends, it aught to make a pretty good case using arguments that are hard to contest.
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I love south park ! Anyways, I believe that there is a god of some sort, and that he is responsible for the big bang, and he allowed the universe to evolve on its own. Matter cannot just be created or destroyed, i just think there has to be a meaning or something more to all of this, a purpose to why we're all here. I like my idea because i believe in evolution but i still believe in god. I find it somewhat logical, but i still have faith, i also do not take part in religion vs science debates either since i think i can believe in a bit of both
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I used to believe in both but that doesn't make much sense either, the way I see it is, why would an all powerful God use something like evolution to create us, shouldn't he be able to do it much faster and more efficient? The only way a god would make sense to me is if he just created the universe and that's it; he didn't have a part in anything else. I dunno.
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Why not use evolution? I'm sure that there are an exponential number of other ways to accomplish complex life that we couldn't possibly understand, but evolution may be the way it occurred.
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I was always told that he did it to prove true faith and shun the nonbelievers.
User avatar #29 to #26 - asasqw (03/22/2013) [-]
What nonbelievers? Did he make other sentient beings besides his angels?
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Evolution IS the answer to how, it can´t be the answer to "why" because it is a biologic argument that intends describes the processes of change of biological populations over generations, not "why we are here", "what is the purpose of our existence", etc.

Sadly there are no reasons to belive there is a "why". Yet.
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Some scientists began experimenting to see if we're actually an extremely detailed computer simulation being carried out by a future generation for the purpose of research.

That would be an interesting answer to "why?"
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If you like SF, I'd suggest reading Arthur C. Clarke's Rama series. (Four books in total)
In it he gives a rather nice answer to 'why.'


Basically, by the end of the last book, it is reveled that 'God' created multiple universes and collects and examines the life in these universes in search of a 'universal harmony'.
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I really want a gif of that part in southpark
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Whoa! Might cut yourself with that edge.
#52 - helenwheels (03/22/2013) [-]
Atheism means you reject god and religion, it does not mean science is your religion.
#471 to #52 - anon (05/17/2013) [-]
If you couldn't believe the religious explanation of the creation of everything, most people would choose to believe popular science. Also, science is nothing like a religion.
User avatar #63 to #52 - whitebuddha ONLINE (03/22/2013) [-]
I think he knows what it means...
User avatar #133 to #63 - helenwheels (03/22/2013) [-]
Then why did he submit it to the atheist tattoo competition?
why did he get it if he knew faith and the science of DNA have literally nothing in common?
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#58 to #52 - kez (03/22/2013) [-]
That isnt what this means...
User avatar #134 to #58 - helenwheels (03/22/2013) [-]
what does it mean then?
#440 to #134 - kez (03/22/2013) [-]
All it means is he has gone from his life being based and devoted to religion and then hes learned about science and thats caused him to reject his religion because it no longer makes sense to him. It doesnt mean he has changed his religion from Christian to Science. It just means he has gone from faith to science, but not as one religion to another.

If he had a tattoo of some gang or mafia tattoo turning into like Judge Judy, it would mean he has gone from doing w/e he wants and ignoring laws to a law obiding citizen kinda thing. Not that he is in a new gang with judge judy...
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Congradulations! You are now have a permanent mark of how big a douche you are
User avatar #186 to #151 - generaljackass (03/22/2013) [-]
Tattoos are all about self expression. I honestly don't see how this makes the person a "douche".
#114 - sissywoo (03/22/2013) [-]
I would NEVER get a tattoo of my beliefs.

Not only is it just wanting attention for belief, but it sounds wrong to have a tattoo of god on your arm, since we Christians do not know what he looks like ( assuming existence )

If i could get a tattoo it would be something small, and something i really love, maybe a Ottawa Senators logo or something.

It really does confuse me why people apply permanent marking on their Flesh in order to rub it in to others faces.

P.S, im not targeting atheists, i can say without the shadow of a doubt there are anti-antheist tattoos out there...

TL;DR Religion/belief tattoos are idiotic.
User avatar #129 to #114 - twistedrider (03/22/2013) [-]
Something small, that you really love.

I'm going to get myself a tattoo of a sandwich now.
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The rosary becomes a DNA.
The DNA has 4 bases, Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, Guanine.
The Molecular Formula of Cytosine is C4H5N3O.
4*C(12) = 44
5*H(1) = 5
3*N(14) = 42
1*O(16) = 16
===> all together: ~110
110 : the 4 books of the new testament =~ 28
The name of the last pope was Benedict.
The first letter, B is if you read it from behind the 25th letter of the alphabet
28-25 = 3
Half Life 3 officialy confirmed by life and religion.

User avatar #197 to #189 - fuckthepolice [OP](03/22/2013) [-]
Despite the joke being so old it's painful I'll give you the thumb because you obviously put serious thought into that comment.
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As an atheist, fond of science, I find this disrespectful to christians.
User avatar #324 to #17 - gadgetzan (03/22/2013) [-]
Why is it? It's not like i get offended by a religious tattoo for being an atheist.
User avatar #348 to #17 - iamtheblackgoat (03/22/2013) [-]
As a Christian, also fond of science, I think you rock...thumb for you
User avatar #37 to #17 - animationhac ONLINE (03/22/2013) [-]
You know.. A lot of scientists actually identify with a religion? :o So they can be spiritual and scientists as well. Just not bible thumpers.
User avatar #306 to #37 - basicargentinian (03/22/2013) [-]
I know, most of my friends are catholic, some very much so, and they are all scientifically driven.
User avatar #49 to #17 - Onemanretardpack (03/22/2013) [-]
I'm... not christian, but I believe that there is something else. Science isn't the "why", and it never CAN be the "why". Science is the "how", it's up to us to have our own beliefs
User avatar #309 to #49 - basicargentinian (03/22/2013) [-]
couldn't agree more.
User avatar #21 to #17 - disturbedfan (03/22/2013) [-]
I'm a christian, and i ain't even mad. To be honest, i think it looks pretty cool. Let them believe what they want :3
User avatar #22 to #21 - basicargentinian (03/22/2013) [-]
It is clever and artistic, it could have a friendly message with the same image.
User avatar #48 to #21 - Onemanretardpack (03/22/2013) [-]
I thought it showed faith and science incorporated, was I wrong or something?
User avatar #305 to #48 - basicargentinian (03/22/2013) [-]
It's basically saying that faith is the oposite of progress, and that faith is the lack of reason (which if I may add is ridiculous because without reason you can't have faith).
User avatar #31 to #21 - redeadhunter (03/22/2013) [-]
I seriously wish all Christians, hell, all humans, were like you.
User avatar #187 to #31 - disturbedfan (03/22/2013) [-]
Why thank you ^-^ I'm flattered.
#268 - venomthc (03/22/2013) [-]
> Opinion
> Internet
#101 - fatspartan (03/22/2013) [-]
Not sure if possible ********* ...

Best to be prepared anyways
#18 - snakefire (03/22/2013) [-]
Why don't people understand that religion and science are not rivals?
#176 to #18 - rubinroon (03/22/2013) [-]
I thought it was about "Faith vs Reason", you know, belief vs rationality. So it is more about how you use your mind. Anyway, nice tattoo.
#469 to #18 - schnizel ONLINE (04/18/2013) [-]
I beg your pardon.
I beg your pardon.
#127 to #18 - anon (03/22/2013) [-]
>Religious people
Choose one.
User avatar #185 to #18 - amsel (03/22/2013) [-]
Some of the world's most respected scientists have/had (while alive) deeply spiritual beliefs
#97 to #18 - anon (03/22/2013) [-]
I always see it like the Gary Oak/Ash Ketchum sort of rivalry.
They do things that piss each other off but at their heart they actually quite like each other or at least can work together for everyone's benefit.
You just get the insane fangirls/boys of each side wanting them both to either kill each other or to get gay with each other.
User avatar #30 to #18 - AMTZ (03/22/2013) [-]
Tell that to a religious lunatic.
User avatar #47 to #30 - Onemanretardpack (03/22/2013) [-]
That that to THE religious lunatics. You're implying that religious people are lunatics, when most of them are perfectly fine people
User avatar #50 to #47 - AMTZ (03/22/2013) [-]
By religious lunatic, I mean the hard-headed few that usually take the bible and their religion way too seriously. Most of them are alright, but there's still quite a few that are just way too out there and the second you mention science, they scream at you and hit you with bibles for believing in blasphemy. That's only a small few though.
#73 to #50 - anon (03/22/2013) [-]
You've got atheists like that.
#337 to #50 - anon (03/22/2013) [-]
You mean Westboro Basptist Church, right?
User avatar #84 to #30 - Jameshaich (03/22/2013) [-]
Tell that to the Atheist lunatic.
User avatar #313 to #18 - rifee (03/22/2013) [-]
It's not so much that those to are rivals, but more the basis of though behind it. Discovering, testing, exploring and questioning vs dogma.

#148 to #18 - anon (03/22/2013) [-]
because there's a lot of butthurt atheists who think they're superior to religious people
and there's a lot of religious people who are just idiots
#145 to #18 - anon (03/22/2013) [-]
Because pretending that the other side ignores science makes the other side seem more stupid, thus giving snobs something to feel good about.

It's not always about finding truth, for many (both sides) it's about being right.
#288 to #18 - asimplepotato (03/22/2013) [-]
...Religion has been an anchor to science by surpressing it, declining facts and even used violence for things like for example that the world is round or evolution. I am against religion because it, unlike science, makes us racist idiots by declining stuff and not realising facts that are right in front of them. And when they are in a pinch they mention the bible and suddenly everything becomes invalid.

Now i would not have anything against religion just as long as they dont surpress and be racist against other people and that they leave/accept science and facts.
#420 to #288 - mattkingg **User deleted account** (03/22/2013) [-]
Are you retarded? Religion doesn't make us racist, most religious people are no different than normal people.
You might want to stop being so judgmental.
User avatar #423 to #420 - asimplepotato (03/22/2013) [-]
What the hell do you think is racist against homosexuals? Religion! People are beeing oppressed and some was even killed for beeing homosexual DUE to Religion!
#28 to #18 - asasqw (03/22/2013) [-] looking tatto looking tatto
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User avatar #162 - xxhunterxx (03/22/2013) [-]
I'd get it as a tattoo, but without the "from faith to reason" part.
That part makes you seem like an everlasting douche.

The tattoo idea is really cool.
#331 - eatthepolarbears (03/22/2013) [-]
Lets all be reminded that no one gives a **** and your stupid arguing won't solve ****
#383 to #379 - bigredbeard (03/22/2013) [-]
it forgot ***** at the end
#327 - pxthreezerothree (03/22/2013) [-]
Or just a regular Catholic could get this. What with the Father of Genetics, Gregor Mendel, being an Augustinian Friar and all.
User avatar #154 - teentitansdreamer (03/22/2013) [-]
I would actually like it better if it wasn't an athiest tattoo, but a peaceful coexistence picture. Just change the words to something like "Of faith and science" or something. I'm a Christian, but evolution of species through natural selection, the possibility of other planets having (or once having) the ability to sustain life, etc. can't be ruled out. Peaceful coexistence.
#98 - anon (03/22/2013) [-]
Congrats you just placed a tattoo on your arm about a pointless argument :D
#216 - brisineo ONLINE (03/22/2013) [-]
Now, I'm a nice guy. I respect others beliefs, and I don't really participate in a religious argument if I know it's not going to be civil, but the American Atheist Association is probably the biggest group of douches on the planet, who think that banning holidays like Easter and Christmas and taking down war memorials because their "shaped like a cross" is a good thing.

Also, just a personal thought, who says Religion and Science don't mix? There are theories from some religious leaders that for example, state that the days of creation were undefined periods of time, up to billions of years, with a major event (Let there be light) as a highlight. Nothing is set in stone. As humans we still know practically nothing about our universe, even though we get the tendency to think that we do, and until we can truthfully say that we know everything would arguments for or against a God hold any real ground.

tl;dr Some (but definitely not all) atheists are jerks, and that tatoo would be cool without the text.
User avatar #258 to #216 - joshlol (03/22/2013) [-]
Surely they don't want to remove Christmas? Most atheists realize it was a celebration period before the bible. If that is the case shame on them really
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