witch one is cuter. .. both rape-worthy
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#3 - kanedam ONLINE (04/25/2013) [-]
both rape-worthy
User avatar #4 to #3 - flamedragoon (04/25/2013) [-]
you got a point their
#5 to #4 - kanedam ONLINE (04/25/2013) [-]
i know my victims!
User avatar #6 to #5 - flamedragoon (04/25/2013) [-]
oh you are the careing rapist
#7 to #6 - kanedam ONLINE (04/25/2013) [-]
"To be a Rapist, indeed to even contemplate the Silent Way, one must be a hunter. This
means that he knows the ways of his prey. He studies their habits, patterns of movement, and routines. In this way, he can strike when they are most vulnerable, or trap them in their own habits."

slightly altered quote... the altered part is italic
User avatar #8 to #7 - flamedragoon (04/25/2013) [-]
that or get a big box, a stick , a string, and put yaoi in the middle then all you have to do is play the waiting game
#9 to #8 - kanedam ONLINE (04/25/2013) [-]

hey man, what about green thumbing me a bit?
want to post pics in my comments... just need 10 green thumbs to be allowed to!

pretty please
User avatar #10 to #9 - flamedragoon (04/25/2013) [-]
i have done my work well
#11 to #10 - kanedam ONLINE (04/25/2013) [-]
i bow down in thanks!
have a green thumb too!
#12 to #11 - flamedragoon (04/25/2013) [-]
yes all of the green thumbs
yes all of the green thumbs
#13 to #12 - kanedam ONLINE (04/25/2013) [-]
you can post comment pics already?

now i feel so small and unworthy...
#15 to #14 - kanedam ONLINE (04/25/2013) [-]

there was a guitar thread a while ago and because of this damn problem on getting green thumbs i couldnt post pics...

i really really really wanted to post a gif with a guitar fight scene from flcl... you make me remember the feeling i had in that moment, i begged that someone else should upload one but noone did/had one... and now, here! it makes me sob...
#17 to #16 - kanedam ONLINE (04/25/2013) [-]
the hug pic makes me feel a bit awkward... lol
bit thanks, i gues...
#18 to #17 - flamedragoon (04/25/2013) [-]
here is this one better
#19 to #18 - kanedam ONLINE (04/25/2013) [-]
have a green thumb again! and a thank you!
it's almost 7am here where i live and i got to work soon... and instead of sleeping i spend all night on funnyjunk... i'm a retard
User avatar #20 to #19 - flamedragoon (04/25/2013) [-]
were do you live cuase where i am at its 950 pm
#21 to #20 - kanedam ONLINE (04/25/2013) [-]
europe. right in the middle.
the small country hitler came from: austria
User avatar #25 to #21 - flamedragoon (04/25/2013) [-]
ok night look me up next time so we can have another good chat
User avatar #22 to #21 - flamedragoon (04/25/2013) [-]
#23 to #22 - kanedam ONLINE (04/25/2013) [-]
well... i didnt achieve my goal of reaching the critical mass to post comment-pics.

so i'm going to go to sleep for 2 or 3 hours before i work until midnight again (yeah, was a dumb decision... but its like in a rpg, you just HAVE to reach the next level...)

i wish you a good night!
#24 - upyoursnumbnuts (04/25/2013) [-]
The slower one. She'll be easiest to catch.
User avatar #26 to #24 - flamedragoon (04/25/2013) [-]
they both run pirrty fast
#29 - zombierules ONLINE (04/25/2013) [-]
cant. decide. to. much. cuteness!!!!!!!!!
cant. decide. to. much. cuteness!!!!!!!!!
#28 - anon (04/25/2013) [-]
both ugly as ****
#27 - ravemouse (04/25/2013) [-]
All of the yes bringing Rave Master back :D
All of the yes bringing Rave Master back :D
#2 - FluffyMuffin (04/25/2013) [-]
next time can you put it in a compilation, i like fairytail too but damnnnnnnnnnnnn so many posts
#1 - anon (04/25/2013) [-]
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