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User avatar #156 - heartlessrobot (04/19/2012) [-]
That thing's probably filthy. It would be like ******* a $1 hooker.
#160 to #156 - skullbash (04/19/2012) [-]
sept it would probly be sanitized every day or at least in between uses
User avatar #162 to #160 - heartlessrobot (04/19/2012) [-]
So there's a person standing there waiting for you to finish so they can clean it off? Also there would be a line behind you saying "wow, 10 second wait."
#164 to #162 - skullbash (04/19/2012) [-]
no it would be you in a room with it and someone comes to clean it when your done
User avatar #166 to #164 - heartlessrobot (04/19/2012) [-]
Maybe basement. My bedroom's too small, I can hardly fit a bed and dresser with room to walk.
#170 to #166 - skullbash (04/19/2012) [-]
my dresser is in my closet ive got enough room for a miny fridge a bed and an entertainment center with my tv and laptop in it i barely have enough room to do situps
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