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Watch Vampire Knight and see how pissed off you get from that. The female protagonist is dumb as a sack of bricks except bricks actually serve a purpose. She is supposed to be highly trained and always rushes into fights then gets frozen in fear and needs to be saved. The actions she takes make as much sense as a submarine with a screen door. She has about as much willpower as a schoolgirl on a train being attacked by a tentacle monster and as much brainpower as a hot girl in a horror movie. She says "Don't worry, it's nothing" so many times, if you made it a drinking game you'd die of alcohol poisoning halfway through the 3d episode. The main male protagonist is such anti-social loner it pisses me off. His backstory at least justifies it to some degree, but it wouldn't kill him to express his feelings towards the girl. I hated the other guy the entire time, even after it's revealed that he is in fact good. Actually, I hated him more because he didn't even have the decency to become a villain. The ending pisses me off more than anything because it either is brilliantly done but alludes to a follow-up season that doesn't seem to be coming, or is so hypocritically ******** it makes me want to scream.

tl;dr I feel the same way about Vampire Knight as you do about that show
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I've never watched it, but I found your synopsis to be quite entertaining