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User avatar #35 to #14 - ghostisaho (04/23/2013) [-]
its funny, being a father was the thing that goku could never beat vegeta at.
User avatar #38 to #35 - namnori (04/23/2013) [-]
Vegeta knocked his 7 year-old son out once.
User avatar #52 to #38 - trimageryan (04/23/2013) [-]
At least he did it so he could get stronger. It's better then giving Gohan daddy issues/abandonment issues.
User avatar #39 to #38 - ghostisaho (04/23/2013) [-]
because he could not bare to show him what he would be willing to do to save him, and make him feel guilty that he was partially responsible for his death.
User avatar #41 to #40 - ghostisaho (04/23/2013) [-]
he didn't knock him out. yes he may have hurt him, but he made up for it afterwards. and besides, it was a training session together.
#53 to #41 - Rascal (04/23/2013) [-]
Hes referring to where he knocked trunks out before killing himself to try to kill buu.
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