Real life bankai. .. Is it bad that I have already imagined my own Zanpakutou in my head, including appearance, shikai, bankai, abilities etc.? Anime Bankai Bleach Real Life the filmtroll


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Ahem, I believe this pic will let me start a TF2 thread. ;)
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I've been looking for that pic. I love you
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:D another excuse to use this
:D another excuse to use this
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completely lost it there.
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I loved those episodes!!
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^fukken saved^
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Is it bad that I have already imagined my own Zanpakutou in my head, including appearance, shikai, bankai, abilities etc.?
Is it bad that I have already imagined my own Zanpakutou in my head, including appearance, shikai, bankai, abilities etc.?
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Name: Fidelis
Relase command: Pray
Appearance: A stick with various slots in it
Shikai: Flames emit from the slots to make various weapons (all appearing in gold with various engravings and designs)
Bankai: Semper Fidelis, four golden balls that can each transform into a weapon or accessory of desire
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no not at all
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I'm extremely bored, so I'm going to put it here anyway.

Name: Osmoda

Appearance: Two standard katanas with shorter overall lengths, ideal for one-handed use. The slight curves in the blades are tipped with a slight hook at the very top that points down towards the handguard.

Shikai: Green reiatsu beams down from the hooks to the handguards, and the space between the beam and the blade fills with the same reiatsu. The red diamonds in the handles change to green, also.
Ability: The energy behind the blades slowly absorb the reiatsu of and deteriorate the structure of anything that they come in to contact with. Basically, they slowly disintegrate the opponent's weapon through extended combat. When roughly 35% of the overall matter/energy composition has been lost from the object, it will become unstable, and collapse on itself, destroyed permanently.
Secondary ability: This effect does not stop at physical/spiritual entities. Time and space are affected, enabling some manipulation ie. enhanced "reflexes" and quicker movement.

Bankai Name: Osmoda Kyorai
Appearance: The two blades connect together by the green sections, becoming a bastard sword of sorts. The green energy engulfs the user in a trench coat-style armour.

Ability: The effect is now completely inverted. Rather than having to rely on things coming in to contact with the blade, a simple swing can cause chain reactions in matter and spirit particles to hit things at long distances in that specific direction. A horizontal swipe can tear a fine line through a whole building. The effect takes a few split-seconds to work at a distance, allowing an opponent in the line of fire to escape in the nick of time if they are fast enough. The aura given off by the armour also prevents close-combat situations, as the shikai effects are applied to this aura.

Secondary ability: Ground is stabbed. Reiatsu in the middle of the blade expands rapidly in a dome of disintegration, effecting around 500 metres in radius.
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**** ! "effecting" should be "affecting". I'm better than this.
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Ok Here's Mine. I Made 2 Earlier last Year but i cant find it now so i`ll make one on the spot with help from google translator.

Shikai: Oni ika *Demon Squid*
the katana lengthens and turns into a tentacle-like blade.
Oni Ika is able to release liquid-like reiatsu that has a burning effect on anything it touches. It is also able to create a slime copy of itself to be used as a dual
tentacle-katana zanpakuto. Note that the tentacle is still in fact a blade so it can still cut with its edges, its just highly flexible.

Bankai: Shinku Ika Kotei *Crimson Squid Emperor*
In Bankai Mode The envelopes and covers the user's arms, back, neck and chest. The Tentacles turn brown-green, Two tentacles hang from each shoulder blade *4total* and 1 large eye on his back. the arms are made of tentacles as well and are stretchy and is coated with corrosive slime. a squid mouth appears in the middle of the user's chest spits ink at high velocity to blind and even knock back opponents. Note that the armour is sentient and the eye on his back serves as protection on his blind-side. he can shoot the slime on his hand to harden and form walls. The Sentient Squid zanpakuto has a mind of it's own and takes life force as payment for bankai use... excessive use of bankai mode will kill the user. Ranged battle is disadvantageous to the user as the Zanpakuto is close prefers close ranged battles and too lazy to stretch far.

A bit too much but thats a sentient Zanpakuto for you
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ive seen enouh hentai to know where thats going
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Dude their supposed to be sharp omg morbid
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The only problem is that if the blades are hooked/curved it would be impossible to pull out of a sheath.

But that is really cool! What would it (they?) look like in your inner world, though?

User avatar #69 to #68 - auesis ONLINE (06/05/2012) [-]
I don't have scabbards, they are attached in a criss-cross on my back by leather holsters instead of the traditional way.

My inner world I envisioned to be a total void. Pure emptiness, except for one thing in the distance - a large, green core of light that speaks directly to my consciousness, the core being my zanpakutou spirit. That emptiness sort of symbolises the swords' abilities.
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short katana is called, wakisashi or nodachi
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I was bored, and I like the cut of your jib.
So have a ******** done paint drawing of your dude-bro
I'm really tired so I am sorry for the ****** quality and the dark 'n edgy look
So, yeah.
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I love it!
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I even imagined the modsoul who would take care of my body
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My pants exploded...
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umm... will anybody tell me where to watch this?
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You need to login to view this link

This is the best one!

My Tuesday nights just aren't the same anymore without Bleach :(
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**jadrien rolled a random image posted in comment #1 at Zombie Apocalypse . . . IT HAS BEGUN! ** thank you hahah never got into blesch but now i will
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**bluboyrulez rolled a random image posted in comment #14 at MFW Science Channel **

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thank you also sir
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**bluboyrulez rolled a random image posted in comment #5529649 at FJ Pony Thread **

Jk, heres a good place:
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Rukia is my favorite.

She's so moe~ =w=
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So we can see her ass
So we can see her ass
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what breasts...

she is the only female that has been fisted twice in this anime
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Challenge accepted.
Challenge accepted.
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ichimaru demands it.
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are you a person that can fill me in on more specific details on if they will continue the anime through the end of the manga or not?
#66 to #50 - xmasterchefx ONLINE (06/05/2012) [-]
its said that the anime will go into its last arc sooner or later, just like at the end of the aizen arc it will be a while for the manga to go ahead of the anime for them to start again
User avatar #55 to #50 - mcstorms (06/05/2012) [-]
The anime ended with the fullbring arc the manga will continue through the quincy arc for 1 year and then end.
User avatar #56 to #55 - froghole (06/05/2012) [-]
ok. i heard rumors of the anime maybe starting back up again in august.
User avatar #57 to #56 - mcstorms (06/05/2012) [-]
Not to my knowledge :/
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That's the stuff.
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I think you may have just one the internet for today
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Mods are asleep, POST BLEACH. Hahaha
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This guy was a badass when he was a hollow
He sucked as an arrancar though
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i see what you did there
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" Hey Ichigo, want to know the source of my powers? "
" What is it? "
" Your Mom :D "
" Have fun in hell, bitch ಠ_ಠ "
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Not even a bankai can save you now
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come at me bro
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When Ichigo went into that form, the show was all over for me. It was becoming annoying how all Orihime had to do was scream Ichigos name, and become instant god over his opponent.
#137 to #119 - anon (06/05/2012) [-]
I gave up around episode 110 after skipping the bount arc when I found out that Ichigo's dad was a soul reaper. They try to involve a thousand different people in the main plot which really pisses me off. Also the fact that these godlike strong captains aren't even that strong to what else is out there, ******* ruined.
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Not amused
Not amused
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Mfw Bleach reference on FJ
Mfw Bleach reference on FJ
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bleach : )
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Blacksmithing: A manly job.
User avatar #114 to #100 - isradam (06/05/2012) [-]
It is my dream than no matter what I do in life, when I'm old I wanna be an old fashioned blacksmith.
User avatar #166 to #114 - beasert (06/06/2012) [-]
Take up metal fabrication (aka: iron worker, fitter). That's what I do, and it's a blast. We still use anvils.
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bankai u say?
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