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#1 - gentlemanotaku (07/05/2013) [-]
so thats what black people look like in anime

*releases his murrica day dinner via his mouth*
#43 to #1 - anon (07/06/2013) [-]
Its a mamba girl, google it.
#26 to #1 - thisotherdude (07/05/2013) [-]
Actually that's a style asians in Japan use where they get fake tans and ******** of makeup, it's essentially the Japanese equivalent of scene girls.

This is a black person from anime.
#17 to #1 - anon (07/05/2013) [-]
Don't know if this counts, but I just had to watch boondocks to know that.

I mean it's still similar art styles.. like avatar. right?
User avatar #15 to #1 - bryceface (07/05/2013) [-]
Based off of what I heard, it's kinda like how (actual) weaboo here want to look Japanese. They want to look American, so they bleach their hair, get a **** ton of spray tan, and a **** load of make-up to try to look American.
User avatar #9 to #1 - lolokoko **User deleted account** (07/05/2013) [-]
Some kind of fashion in Japan.

It think it's called Ganguro or something, but that's a term I only saw in hentai, so you should ask someone more versed in Japan's fashions and trends.
User avatar #13 to #9 - evilanakie (07/05/2013) [-]
User avatar #2 to #1 - alcoholicsemen (07/05/2013) [-]
sometimes its just girls who over tan or use make-up
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