OP delivering. www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=baUY9LFlYh0&NR=1 He's still gonna do it huh..... I have taken it upon myself to watch this didee everyd youtbe OP delivers why would he do this to himself
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OP delivering

I have taken it upon myself to watch this didee everyday tor the rest my life.
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Day 2
This wen' t be very hard, as long as I remember to watch it.
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Day 3
No one cerld possibly get sick this.
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3 Weeks age
Day it
I used this seng to wake my friends up this morning, they did not appreciate it.
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Nothing special.
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Day 6
I den' t knew why, but Revere is starting to leek pretty gem to me.
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2 Weeks age
Day 7
Lucky Seven, I' m going on holiday but We downloaded the and will
watch it everyday and fill out a leg book. When I get back I' ll post all the
days at once.
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3 days age
Day 8 (21 Dec 2012)
The WONG cliton' t end SH now I can continue to Watch this
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3 days age
Day 9 (22 Dec 2012)
I think I' ll learn . to I can understand and sing along to this.
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3 days age
Day IO (23 Dec 2012)
This is surprisingly easy to masturbate to.
Day 11 (24 Dec 2012)
Lyrics anyone?
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3 days age
Day 12 (25 Dec 2012)
This makes the perfect Christmas Karel.
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3 days age
Day 13 (26 Dec 2012)
What sheild I if my erection lasts tor more than tour hours?
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3 days age
Day 14 (27 Dec 2012)
Each night as I drift eff to sleep, sweet dreams Revere fill my head.
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3 days age
Day 15 (28 Dec 2012)
Does watching this give anyone else a raging boner?
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3 days age
Day 16 (29 Dec 2012)
I post this on Facebook several times a day.
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5 days age
Day 17 (30 Dec 2012)
My penis is still erect trom day 13. HELP!
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5 days age
Day 18 (31 Dec 2012)
Blasting this through my speakers to bring in the New Year.
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at days age
Day 29 ( Jan 2013) What I have learned about just by
watching this (keep in mind I have never watched the mime}: She is
incredibly hot. She is bessy and aggressive She has the bedy a goddess-
She haste have things her way She has the ability to give any life form a
bener_ She deosn' t like to be called "' She wants my ceck.
weild bang. Can I have sameone whe' s seen the shew to compare
that 10?
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3 days age
Day 20 (02 Jan 201 3)
I mulishly put 29 instead 19 yesterday. HUME DURR.
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2 days age
Day 21 (03 Jan 2013)
Can sameone make a IO hour version this please?
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I damege
Day 22 (04 Jan 2013)
I dream the day Revere will rub her sweet ass on my ceck.
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18 hours age
Day 23 (05 Jan 2013)
Neel's more Deltora
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51 minutes age
Once again I' m leaving and wen' t have internet. We downloaded it and I' m
going to watch it every day and fill out a .
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