My Ultimate Pokemon Game. I've been thinking about this for ages now and I have a word document which I keep adding to when I get new Ideas. takebiscuit uploade Pokemon is the bees knees
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My Ultimate Pokemon Game

My Ultimate Pokemon Game. I've been thinking about this for ages now and I have a word document which I keep adding to when I get new Ideas. takebiscuit uploade

I've been thinking about this for ages now and I have a word document which I keep adding to when I get new Ideas. takebiscuit uploaded a .gif (/funny_gifs/3735900/when+pokemon+meets+GTA/) that made me spontaneously congeal my ideas into some comments, after minimum good feedback and a couple good Ideas i though yeah **** it I'll make some content. I am not making this game these are just my Ideas on what my perfect Pokemon game is.

This is my
Idea for a
Pokemon Game
All games mashed into 1 {sert coe)
A massive difference will be that
the game play isn' t in er
slightly Ed like the newer games
but a tital layout in a
realistically sized werld like
and there wen' t be an "eye of ged"
view but an ever the shellder er
first persin view similar
e catch a Pikemen a command weild
e executed that weild send yeu
he trainers view as yeu weild have
e threw the peke ball and
hereford aim it at the Pikemen
and en top of that hape that the
all catches the pikemen. small
daat Pikemen weild be easy
atch but hard aim at and
addling them slews them drown, big
trang Pikemen are harder keep
n the ball but higher damage
acreages likelihood of being
From my ehn rem: I want; this shit Lo happen
fer the battles everytime and i want to
hate that noise ferever
weild try have Team Racket be
he main villains through every
rea and Giovanni be the final
eam racket bess. The trainer
auld battle through the original
veryline but weild face the head
f the Jante wing of team Racket
ather than Giovanni.
he Elite feur weild be the
stimate champions of the Pikemen
orld, near" myths that reside at
he end of victory tunnel but yeu
anly challenge them after yeu
ave completed every single
fucking gym. that' s net just the
yms in Jante, but Jente, Hoenn
linneh and . abviously it
auld be difficult evenly space
cut the difficulty of Pikemen
battles the early gyms may be
very easy while later gyms may be
xtremely difficult with the
Elite 4 being nigh impossibl
y faveorite 3
gaddamn inaner: but a weaking
eggmen inline werld weild be
opee could walk around
In their quests, ether trainers
auld request duels, championships
auld be held, massive trading
auld occur, traveling the land
ith a stranger yeu met when yeu
irst started, seliing puzzles,
raining year pikemen against each
ther and engaging in team pikemen
atties (ft en 2, 3 en 3 maybe even
whale teams Versus teams} it
I' hep skipped and jumped my way
through my ideas trying keep it
shert even it' s pretty leng.
If it' s net clear T am net and
couldn' t possibly make this game
but even imagining a game like
this excites me. Maybe if everyine
asks fer a game like this Nintendo
Will make it ene day. oh well...
tell me what I' forgetten in the
comments but read my full Ideas
first please
The bestest game EVET
straight up stolen frem a ETA pokemon mod
the combat wen' t be turn based but
yeu take full centrel of whatever
Pikemen yeu are playing as at the
time. Still feur base attacks but
hew and when yeu use these attacks
are much mere like an actual
Pikemen fight. equipping Items
in the battles weild require the
Pikemen be a certain distance
frem the trainer
pikemen snap: the kind of screen that weild
seen when capturing
wandering around there will be
randam battles like in the game
and yeu wen' t see the Pikemen.
Possibly at first yeu have
battle all wild Pikemen but after
a while yeu can earn the ability
away frem wild
Pikemen fights. with randam
trainer battles T den' t really
like the idea of a trainer just
catching sight of yeu and running
ever battle yeu but it seems
be the best way it, except
with seme of the trainers yeu are
allowed decline the battle
pr: expansions of level limits
e 200 increase difficulty.
H ether possibility is say that
clewing Pikemen of different
eggins mebe around may be a
isk ether fauna and Pikemen
f different regions and therefore
ust be quarantined fer a certain
erred. creating a delay en
hen the trainer can access their
Pikemen in a new region and
arcing them start again with
new starter fer a shert time
efore allowing the trainer access
e their eld Pikemen again.
farid. "
t nut
thanks this bre whe came up
with legendaries ideas and
seme thaughts en inline play
Firstly Pikemen personalities.
A Pikemen will have different
likes and dislikes and hew yeu
appeal such as through treats,
trainig and what yeu make
it leek like it will change hew
it battles fer yeu, if a Pikemen
dislikes yeu it will level slower,
attack weaker and possibly be mere
difficult centrel. If it likes
yeu mere it levels faster, attacks
are stranger and possibly may exit
the ball and feller yeu when net
battling {Pikachu style)
Finally an Idea T have wanted since
ed and blue came eut. YOU CAN
CRYNG IAMELI seme Pikemen may be
ii: E: catch, seme many anly
occur in hidden areas, er in a
single patch of grass, seme may be
wesome end of dungeon basses that
ill anly even appear" if a certain
of criteria are matched
legendaries} and seme that there
anly be ene of in the game,
rem which yeu can run away as muc
s yeu like but if yeu kill it it' s
1. in SD
ft. mere turn based battle
3. mere interactive pikemen
still randam encounters
5. still team racket
G. ALL gyms
T. higer levels/ quarantine
fl. pikemen personalities
9. pikemen inline
10. kye able catch everything
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