I'll be your Asuna. . Vou ATN you WILL HAVE ASUNA AND IF: LOSE?
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You're going the extra mile to let everyone know what we already know.
You're going the extra mile to let everyone know what we already know.
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Woah, I didn't realize you were the ambassador of the entire internet, my apologies sir and or madam.
Next time I'll just sit here and not post something that I should know everyone ever has seen and knows about, because it's not like there are some people that don't know Sword Art Online exists.
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Kudos for originality.
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tl;dr version
"...Kirito, hurry up and take your clothes off,"
"No...not just...your finger..."
"Ah, mm...ah..."
"I want to see your breasts, Asuna."
"Ah, Ahh, oh!"
"Oh! Ah, ah, no, no way..."
"No, no no, I'm, with just, my breast...! I'm...com..."
I stopped. go read it yourself.
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You fail to understand that it was made by the writer of SAO after he released issue 17, but it wasn't an official part of the story,
because he wasn't allowed to publish it with SOA as it was too pornographic. And that was the only link I still have that isn't ********** with virus's and cancerous ad's
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>Too pornographic
>"Two years worth of semen made a glopping noise as it flowed endlessly into Asuna."

I mean, they would have been totally okay with just a blowjob scene but this was a little too over the edge.

pic unrelated
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Win win, I would say.
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I can feel my sperm dying already
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Kirito makes every bitch he mets wet Sauce is Sword Art Online if its needed
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Edgy art online
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