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well...without GT he was as powerful Goku ssj3. maybe a little bit weaker but he was still strong and didn't really disappoint me.
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Please tell me how any unfused character made Buu look like a bitch and we talking
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I meant without fusion no one could beat Buu as Gohan did. Ok let's not argue about which Buu is stronger Super or Kid (imo Super is stronger) but either way no one has trashed him like he did. That's pretty impressive don't you think? And of course he loosed from Buutenks. I mean Buu had the brain of Piccolo the smartest fighter and had a power of a very strong fusion and that fusion had an SSJ3 power level. Gohan has made a pretty big mistake how he didn't kill Buu when he had a chance but can't blame him. I would have trashed him too after he killed almost everyone I ever cared about.
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Kills Cell.
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Please forgive me if I say something incorrect, because I haven't watched the entire series all the way through in a long time, but after Cell was defeated, the world was pretty much at peace right? So Gohan didn't need to be useful for anything fighting related, he just needed to live his life. The next major threat after Cell was Buu, and that saga happened like 8 years after Cell. Buu was even more powerful than Cell, even managing to kill Goku and Vegeta. It was only when Goku went SS3 and used the Spirit Bomb, could he kill Buu. So Gohan, even though he couldn't defeat Buu (granted nobody but Goku could), still had his merits. He still put everything towards fighting against Buu, maybe even weakening him a little. By some logic, you could say that everyone was useful, because even though Goku used the spirit bomb, he needed everyone else's energy to do it.
Anyway, that's a long rant, sorry if some things don't make sense.
At least we can agree he's more useful than Yamcha.
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Gohan became a successful member of society... but trunks took over a multi billion dollar company so yeah
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Gohan is actually more powerful than Goku, he just doesn't fight as much, and so doesn't have as many abilities and training.
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Goku is stronger than gohan what are you talking about?
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Well, Gohan was made more powerful than Goku several times because they wanted to kill off Goku and have Gohan become the new main character. But fans refused to accept that and wanted Goku to return, so they would resurrect him and then cut down Gohan's power to a level more acceptable to a "side-kick" type to Goku, which eventually lead to him fighting less over time.

However, even at the end of the series, they said that Gohan has the potential to surpass Goku, he just chooses not to try.
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Yeah, i know gohan was going to be the main focus but other than in the Cell Saga and the beginning of the Buu saga Gohan was not stronger than Goku
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I would say "Go check out GT" but we all know that doesn't exist
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Trust me. It was the fans fault. Toryiama wanted Gohan to take to lead but no, the fans got butthurt over Goku being gone
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i think that's because vegeta actually paid attention to his son.
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How is Gohan a disappointment? He's a pacifist, he doesn't want to hurt things.
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He's only like that because of his mother. After every invasion, or world battle or tournament, Chi Chi would all but beat the **** out of Gohan and drag him back to the house so he can get back to studying.

If Gohan had been allowed to make his own decisions and kept in shape, he would've remained the strongest Z-fighter and then-some when the Buu arc began. Instead, he was simply stronger than the others but they had closed the margin considerably.
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And he's also a genius, so I ask again, how is he a disappointment? Maybe in Vegeta's eyes yes, because all he values is strength, but through a normal person Gohan is not a failure.
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I don't know about genius, maybe in a human school but that's about it. It's not like he has a choice either. He's more frightened of his mother than anything else.

As for all-around intelligence, none of the Z-fighters are really known for being dense. Maybe Goku who needs a lot of smacking around for common-sense things to get through but even he has shown incredible amount of intellect more than a few times.

Really though, it's disappointing that he's not stronger than he is. I guess it's so it's not all about him and there's always an excuse to have Goku come back to life to beat up the new baddie.
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Guy from the future pops up, says you're going to die of a heart disease, here take this medicine
Almost die for sake of "I wont take it I feel fine!"
Guy from the future pops up, says you can't win this fight, and he's your son
Punch him in the gut, fight, almost die
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When did this become a "Who's better? Vegeta or Goku?" convo
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Don't know where your getting that from, just stating evidence for both Goku and Vegeta being idiots.
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and how did it get there? we were talking about Gohan being a disappointment.
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"As for all-around intelligence, none of the Z-fighters are really known for being dense."
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