Cafe Sémen. The hentai is called "Kouin Tenshi: Haitoku no Lycéenne" . This is a sarcastic review of a shitty hentai. It' s worth the read. Add to fav Cafe Sémen The hentai is called "Kouin Tenshi: Haitoku no Lycéenne" This a sarcastic review of shitty It' s worth the read Add to fav
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Cafe Sémen

Cafe Sémen. The hentai is called "Kouin Tenshi: Haitoku no Lycéenne" . This is a sarcastic review of a shitty hentai. It' s worth the read. Add to fav

The hentai is called "Kouin Tenshi: Haitoku no Lycéenne"

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This is a sarcastic
review of a shitty
It' s worth the read.
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Have ‘mu ever wondered how a man' s reproductive organ would move if he ran? That is, would it swing right and left
or up and down? Here' s an even better question. If a man attached a weight to his reproductive organ and flexed it to
lift the weight, would it get bigger (this would add a whole new context to "do ‘mu even lift")? well, this ammo doesn' t
answer either of these questions. Instead, what it does have to offer are depictions of a man able to move his balls and
reproductive organ at will.
To some this may: be telekinesis, but to most this is a common ability. In fact, this ability is so common that it adds no
uniqueness to his character. This man also possesses an alter ego though. whenever he gets frustrated, he turns into
the one handed warrior: An ethereal, hedonistic being whose weapon is his right hand, whose shield is a box of
Kleenex, and whose Energy comes from a instrument in his pants. This too, however, is a common ability. This
man has only one unique characteristic,' his reproductive organ is pink.
Many months ago, I saw a very mediocre (INA called Hen aam. The only thing I remember from this animals the
appearance of green semen. when I saw this green bodily fluid, my mind was blown,' I thought it was some kind of
acidic semen. It turns out it was just ordinary semen though. As ‘mu can imagine, my hope of seeing walls being
burned down by semen went unfulfilled. what would ‘mu call this? wasted potential.
Although the appearance of a pink johnson is amusing, it' s nothing more than wasted potential. And this is for two
reasons, with the first being the fact nothing absurd happens involving his johnson. Only; two things happen to his
johnson; it' s examined and pleasured. Secondly, there' s no explanation behind it. If ‘mu saw a rare characteristic like
this, what would 1; -four first thought be? Most likely why; it' s pink in the first place, right? It could' been the result of an
experiment gone wrong, but we' ll never know.
who could forget the tragedy of Johnny? Young Johnny was a freshman, a freshman who made the mistake
of entering his school' s restroom when the local pubes barber was on duty. Inside the restroom, he found the barber
shaving several upperclassmen. These upperclassmen enjoyed the barber' s service a bit too much though and
unloaded everything. Their goo was so powerful that it flew right into Johnny' s left eve at a velocity of 9, 001 pm/ s. As a
result, his left eve was rendered completely unusable.
Henceforth he became known as Johnny. It' s a miracle he got out of it with just losing an eve though. Those
upperclassmen unloaded so much that the entire room was filled with goo in less than ten seconds. In other words, he
courd' drowned. And no death is worse than one by semen. what the reader needs to get out of this connection is
that every. -rone remembers Johnny for a reason: The tragic backstory behind his left eve. who' s going to
remember a character with a pink reproductive organ that lacks a backstory?
That' s enough talk about the pink reproductive organ, let' s move onto another topic. Ever heard of Cafe Semen? Good,
it' s a restaurant that only serves seamen. If acuire not a sailor, fisher, or marine, acuire not getting into this
restaurant. what does this have to do with the anime? Absolutely nothing.
Corell Affairs is an ammo that doesn' t have much to offer. It' s essentially about a bunch of girls gaining insight about
their own bodies and the bodies of men. Half of it focuses on male pleasure, but then there' s a dramatic shift in the
second half to female pleasure. There' s some pretty detailed female anatomy in the second half though. If acuire
dissatisfied with what you've been learning in health class, this could be 1; -four way; to a better learning experience.
Speaking of learning, I did say: these girls gained insight about the bodies of men. One insight they gained is that boys
have not one, but two balls. There' s something wrong here though. In an episode of South Park, the boys (the crew,
the gang, team Stan, whatever ‘mu wanna call them) learned girls didn' t have balls. They were in elementary school
though. Here we have girls that appear to be well past middle school (honestly, it' s really hard to tell ages when it
comes to animal that didn' t know the number of balls in a male' s scrotum. Either their school' s health curriculum sucks
or they' re very uneducated; it' s probably the latter.
Moving on, they gained one more piece of insight, and this one is invaluable; they learned semen is sticky. How did
they learn this? Through personal experience. The problem with ejaculation is ‘mu never know where it' ll go.
Sometimes it' ll hit the ceiling. Sometimes it' ll go right out 1; -four window and onto 1; -four neighbor' s ceiling. And sometimes
it' ll land right on someone' s head. That' s what happened in this ammo. The pink johnson kid spilled his love juice over a
girl' s head. Sounds like a pretty sticky situation, doesn' t it?
This sticky situation is a very preventable one though, especially if one possesses protection. Although no penetration
occurs, protection does have multiple uses. when my closest friend was a child, he woke up and hit something. what
he had hit was a box of condoms his dad was holding. He asked, "Daddy, are ‘mu going to rape me?" His dad
responded, "No, son. These are for 1; -four protection."
I can' t say: I enjoyed watching Corell Affairs. There' s nothing special about the animation or the soundtrack, and we all
know there' s not much to say: about the plot. Characterization? It' s just a bunch of licentious girls having sexual
discoveries. If acuire looking for a workout for 1; -four hands, I can' t recommend this ammo. Even if ‘mu
have a strong desire to see a pink johnson, I still can' t recommend this ammo. For most fans of hentai, this one is
If you liked the review and actually managed to read this far, perhaps you
could rank it as 'helpful'. My friend doesn' t get much recognition for this art.
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