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Anime kickstarter (Read Desc and watch)


No, this video is not me, It's just a random video linked from the Kickstarter that explains it: www.kickstarter.com/projects/production-ig/masaaki-yuasas-kick-heart There is less than 24 hours left, and this project could be important for the future of anime. Do you want generic anime to come out from now on? This kickstarter is our chance to prove that English anime fans are more than just pirates, and that the fans actually want more original series! if you have even $1 to spare to donate, please do so! I don't like the fact that Japan sees English anime fans as nothing but pirates who mooch off the hard work of the production companies. This kickstarter is a chance to prove them otherwise: that it's more a case that they are going about how they market themselves to English fans the wrong way, rather than English fans not caring. Yes they have already reached the goal, but all the money past the goal will improve the quality and length of the project, as well as send a clearer message.

Views: 376 Submitted: 10/30/2012