Anime/Manga Recommendation of the week. Hey guys! Are you doing well? Enjoying the new season of released anime? Well if you are still looking for some anime to Anime recommend steins gate Cage of Eden

Anime/Manga Recommendation of the week

Hey guys! Are you doing well? Enjoying the new season of released anime? Well if you are still looking for some anime to watch or a good manga to read then check these out. The first picture is a anime called Steins Gate, this is a very great anime in my opinion, in fact it is part of my top 10. It is about how a group finds out he can alternate into parallel universe by send text messages to the past. After a while they found out that they have to return the past to normal and find a way to change the future. The beginning of the story is mostly normal paced but still some laughs and mystery. The second half of show is where things really take a turn, this anime really got my attention and each action gave me a surprise. Also if you are a Dr. Pepper fan this is a must! ***The second picture is of a Manga called Cage of Eden. Now this manga is possibly the best manga I have ever read. It has all kinds of action, moment, feels, etc. There are also plenty of ecchi in it but that is not the main reason why I think it is great at all. This manga is packed full of mystery and action and has great morals in it. Did I mention there were dinosaurs in it? Well the setting is that a boy and some other classes, along with everyone else on a plane finds themselves on a mysterious island surrounded my strange creatures. The bot finds a lot of other survivors, mostly his class mates, and leads them through the island from danger. Every action and event seems to get them into a life or death situation, and time and time again their wills,bonds, and body are tested. Can they survive? where are they? How will they get off the island? But the mystery is about the animals, because as it turns out these animals should be extincted.... Well I hope that gets you interested. Enjoy the recommendations and if you would like subscribe to me. also be sure to check out my weekly Discussion board that I am about to post up!

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User avatar #1 - netorare (01/12/2013) [+] (2 replies)
These are both really mediocre
#2 to #1 - dezminh (01/12/2013) [-]
Well if you do not like them as much oh well. I hope one of my recommendations in the future will be in your liking.
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