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#118 - snowshark
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(09/24/2012) [-]
Sorry but that's half as much mayo as bread... jesus... who the **** eats that much mayo?

That's not all. The proportions here are just way off. There's over twice as much meat as there is bread here and half as much lettuce as there is bread. The hell? That means that the lettuce is as big as one of the slices of bread. How many leaves are in there? And the mayo also comes to the size of one slice of bread. The cheese is 'BIGGER' than the slice of bread and the meat is sized at over four slices of bread...

Sorry but if you eat like that you're gonna get FAT AS ****!!!

See! THIS is why we need women to make the sandwich because Edward here can't make a sandwich to save his brother's life! Hell, if he tried to make a sandwich he'd probably just end up making another homunculus. Best let Winry get to work on it. She's good at making things.