oh...oh shit. .. The actual back story is that there was a massive nuclear war 1000 years before the start of the show; Finn is implied to be the last human. The Ice King was fo
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#30 - antistar (12/30/2012) [-]
The actual back story is that there was a massive nuclear war 1000 years before the start of the show; Finn is implied to be the last human. The Ice King was formally human, and knew Marceline when she was a child, but the crown twisted his memories and sanity.

tl;dr post nuclear war.
User avatar #32 to #30 - happypancake (12/30/2012) [-]
I have a theory that Susan Strong is Finn's mother - they have the same colour hair, she's about the right age, she's super strong and probably has hero genes or whatever (I mean, she seems to at least be the leader of the mutants), we're never really told whether or not she has gills, Finn seems to have an automatic, non-sexual caring relationship with her, the mutant lair is suspiciously close to where the treehouse is (and probably where Finn was found), Finn was found in his hat, which is very similar to the type the mutant people wear.

I reckon those clues are enough to make that conclusion, right? I mean, he must've come from somewhere.
#37 to #32 - fuckatron (12/30/2012) [-]
***** you just blew my mind hole.
#9 - breakfastlunch (12/29/2012) [-]
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#27 - scooba (12/29/2012) [-]
The truth about the history of the Land of Ooo is much better than this cliche theory.
#29 to #27 - darklit (12/30/2012) [-]
a being of hatred whose only wish is for the death of all things
#31 to #29 - scooba (12/30/2012) [-]
That is a great picture of The Lich.
That is a great picture of The Lich.
User avatar #15 - RageRambo (12/29/2012) [-]
The actual lore is WAY darker. Finn's parents are most likely dead. The show takes places about 1000 years after a nuclear/magical holocaust resulting in the extinction of the human race and the only thing left are mutants created by a mix of magic and radiation.
User avatar #20 to #15 - theugandanhero (12/29/2012) [-]
Now is that truly the ACTUAL LORE or is it just speculation made up by the internet?
User avatar #23 to #20 - heartlessrobot (12/29/2012) [-]
Actual backstory.
User avatar #25 to #20 - RageRambo (12/29/2012) [-]
ACTUAL lore.
#14 - xalbobx ONLINE (12/29/2012) [-]
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User avatar #36 - thisotherdude (12/30/2012) [-]
Funny considering the actual truth of the show is far darker and completely confirmed in the show, I'd explain but half the comment already did that.
#34 - thebrownmousepad (12/30/2012) [-]
reminded me of this
User avatar #35 - thebrownmousepad (12/30/2012) [-]
is the monitor thingy in the back supposed to represent bmo?
User avatar #28 - woodywoodlinson (12/30/2012) [-]
Finn has poo brain
#13 - boyacid (12/29/2012) [-]
I always felt bad for Ice King, he has it rough man.
User avatar #1 - dearleader (12/29/2012) [-]
now post the one about the ice king
User avatar #2 to #1 - suckcarsonandsee (12/29/2012) [-]
which one?
User avatar #3 to #2 - dearleader (12/29/2012) [-]
there one that shows the ice king before he got the crown holding a child above his head. Apparently he had a son named Gunter and thats why in his delusional state he calls all of the penguins Gunter.
User avatar #4 to #3 - suckcarsonandsee (12/29/2012) [-]
really? i havent seen that one but it sounds cool, but i did see the episode before he became the king
User avatar #5 to #4 - dearleader (12/29/2012) [-]
there is more than one
User avatar #6 to #5 - suckcarsonandsee (12/29/2012) [-]
then i dont know which one your talking about, im watching all the episodes in order and im in the 2nd season so it must be after that one
User avatar #7 to #6 - dearleader (12/29/2012) [-]
yeah, its in season three
User avatar #8 to #7 - dearleader (12/29/2012) [-]
about mid-way through
#41 to #1 - facetiousrunner (12/31/2012) [-]
i lost it on this episode.
#44 to #41 - facetiousrunner (01/01/2013) [-]
or this one
or this one
#11 to #1 - tinkotin ONLINE (12/29/2012) [-]
This image has expired
Here's one :
User avatar #19 to #11 - RisenLichen ONLINE (12/29/2012) [-]
but...ice king never had children..
User avatar #21 to #19 - tinkotin ONLINE (12/29/2012) [-]
We're led to believe that if he had a child, he would've named him Gunther.
User avatar #22 to #21 - RisenLichen ONLINE (12/29/2012) [-]
Fair enough
User avatar #12 to #11 - dearleader (12/29/2012) [-]
that is the exact picture i was referring to
#42 - rigbone (12/31/2012) [-]
#33 - pull (12/30/2012) [-]
**pull rolled a random image posted in comment #39888 at Slice of Life thread 3 ** I have no idea what you guys are talking about.
#24 - pyronic (12/29/2012) [-]
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#16 - aslypancake (12/29/2012) [-]
Now I feel like I can't enjoy the show.   
Now I feel like I can't enjoy the show.

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User avatar #46 to #45 - goodatlosing (02/16/2013) [-]
Johnny The Homicidal Maniac comics. Must read **** that is.
User avatar #10 - MegaAwesomeSauce (12/29/2012) [-]
What's even sadder is that the truth behind adventure time is actually way worse...
#43 to #10 - facetiousrunner has deleted their comment [-]
#40 - John Cena (12/30/2012) [-]
This theory would actually be fitting for Adventure Time if it wasn't done SO MANY TIMES.
#38 - John Cena (12/30/2012) [-]
bmo's back story: princess bubblegum, before the mushroom bombs, created bmo of a toy, befor the bombs go's off, pb tells bmo to be the best freind of whoever finds him, locks him in a buncker, then gets mutated and forgets all about it.
User avatar #39 to #38 - happypancake (12/30/2012) [-]
Except Princess Bubblegum's about 18 years old, and the Mushroom War happened about 1000 years ago. BMO is most likely a videogame console that mutated with radiation, like most of the things in Ooo (crazy, I know, but signposts and snow can't mutate either but it's fun to pretend)
#47 to #39 - phoenixactual (07/30/2013) [-]
You forget, PB is as old as her body looks, which is why she became 13 for an episode, then changed back. she may be as old as Oo itself
#18 - lehtolapsi (12/29/2012) [-]
For some reason, this gave me a feel.
User avatar #17 - aldheim (12/29/2012) [-]
Every time I see this I think about how ironic it is that this is much better than what actually happened in the world of adventure time.
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