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#17 - jimbobji (11/14/2012) [-]
The last two episodes.... They were kind of pointless, nothing really happened, and you don't learn anything new because it's an alternate universe.   
That being said, I loved them anyway.
The last two episodes.... They were kind of pointless, nothing really happened, and you don't learn anything new because it's an alternate universe.
That being said, I loved them anyway.
User avatar #27 to #17 - vilememory (11/14/2012) [-]
The Lich is now trapped with Prismo, the Enchiridion is gone. Finn knows the bear is not to be trusted, plus he probably ate the old lady. Jake is now on a quest to get Prismo a girlfriend and he probably won't explain things to Finn or Princess Bubblegum to their liking. Monkey's paw man.
User avatar #51 to #27 - darman (11/14/2012) [-]
The lich isn't trapped per say, he was shown to be reported away in the same manner as Fin and Jake.
User avatar #56 to #51 - crazyhindu (11/14/2012) [-]
nah he is trapped there because his wish that jake changed didnt affect him just finn and jake
User avatar #59 to #56 - darman (11/14/2012) [-]
It doesn't mean that he is trapped. The Lich was teleported away after his first wish and Finn was teleported away after his wish. It makes sense for him to have been teleported away, we just don't know where. Prismo doesn't seem like the prisoner having type anyway.
User avatar #68 to #59 - vilememory (11/14/2012) [-]
He wasn't teleported away, he was sent to an alternate timeline when his wish was made though. Prismo explained that when he was talking to Jake about the catches his wishes have.
User avatar #88 to #68 - darman (11/14/2012) [-]
So then that means the lich is teleported to a timeline where Finn and Jake went home as his wish stated. No where does it even imply he becomes Prismo's prisoner.
User avatar #97 to #88 - vilememory (11/14/2012) [-]
Also at no point does it say that the Lich is his prisoner. He is just stuck there, it is like being dropped off at somebodies house and your ride leaves you. You are kind of stuck there since where else is there to go?
User avatar #96 to #88 - vilememory (11/14/2012) [-]
You are not getting it, after making a wish like the Lich or Jake made that removed something their personal time lines were altered. The wishes affected not only the present but also the past. So when the Lich wished for the extinction of all life he basically killed himself as well. Life is a very broad term for him his personal time line was altered. When Jake said he wished for a sandwich he wouldn't have left that room. He would have been there with whatever kind of sandwich Prismo would have given him.

Finn made the wish that the Lich never existed this changed his time line. That is why he went to the alternate time line where humans were still around because the mushroom bomb never went off. But the world was messed up by the crown of the Ice King when it freaked out because Simon was dead. Everything depends on the style of the wish made, since the Lich wished for only Finn and Jake to return to their world he was left behind in Prismo's room... home whatever it was called. Wishes that affect the time line make people vanish, a wish for a sandwich or others to return home do not affect the one that makes the wish so they stay put. Do you get it?
User avatar #100 to #96 - darman (11/15/2012) [-]
Not really sure how you can be sure the lich stayed there. There aren't really rules and Prismo even said that every wish has a dark twist. Its only fitting that the twist of Jake's Wish to retrieve Finn is that the lich is still around and up to mischief.
User avatar #108 to #100 - crazyhindu (11/15/2012) [-]
okay he isnt a prisoner but he is trapped, the only reason they dissapearedthe oother times like vilememory said their timelines were altered. the reason finn and jake went home was because the lich had his wish altered by jake for them to go home meaning it did not effect(affect?) the lich at all just finn and jake.
User avatar #101 to #100 - vilememory (11/15/2012) [-]
No... he didn't say every wish had a dark twist. He said you have to be very specific about what you wish for. Monkeys paw style wishes, want a back rub okay but who is giving it, where do they come from? Do I yank them from where they are to do this? Prismo tells Jake this, because he likes him! By being very specific with his wish they leave the Lich between worlds. Without the book he can't get out, he is stuck between worlds for now. Prismo will probably kick him out so he can float in space or whatever it was that they went through to get to his home.
User avatar #30 to #27 - thetom (11/14/2012) [-]
We knew the bear wasn't to be trusted earlier. But i still don't think Finn knows. The lich said he found it in the mouth of a bear. Doesn't reveal that the bear is evil (to him)
User avatar #55 to #30 - crazyhindu (11/14/2012) [-]
yeah he found it in the mouth of a bear, because the bear brought it to him when he was inside of the snail
User avatar #103 to #55 - thetom (11/15/2012) [-]
right. but fin doesn't know that.
User avatar #25 to #17 - siksteen (11/14/2012) [-]
Well for starters, we knew that if Lich didn't exist, Adventure time would be ugly
#21 to #17 - yarson (11/14/2012) [-]
You know Finn's last name now owo
User avatar #22 to #21 - jimbobji (11/14/2012) [-]
We know Alternate Finn's last name.
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