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(01/14/2013) [-]
>Be 9 year old me
>Going to Shrek musical
>Hate it at first, everyone orgeacting
>shrek comes out
>costume is best one in the entire musical, like the orgedone it
>actors seem relieved, as if shrek was orgedue to arrive
>Shrek walks to guy in farquad costume
>Pulls his ******* heart out, and throws it into the crowd
>I catch it and realize it's not a heart but an onion
>People are stepping ogre each other to escape
>cept me because I love shrek
>Shrek grabs some lady who is running out
>Tears off her vagina, and stuffs it in his boot.
>bestmusicalever@ You need to login to view this link
>Shrek asks me to come with him to mexico
>we go
>he takes me to a donkeh show.
>gets mad, shows the donkeh how it's done.
>comes all ogre the poor whore
>Be 10 years later
>Sweaty and smelling like onions
>Reminder of my love Shrek, the memories play ogre and ogre in my head
>Hope he comes back so I can give him the best shreks of his life