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#354 - shaddz (11/17/2012) [-]
"Haven't seen this here"

Thats because it's obviously ******* old and you are a faggot.... pic related
User avatar #378 to #354 - illegalartist (11/17/2012) [-]
im an old fag and havent seen it :/ (though I will say ive seen just about everything else on the front page)
User avatar #383 to #378 - shaddz (11/17/2012) [-]
ah strange, I have seen this around 8 times,l I do work so it isn't as though I am sat here all day every day
User avatar #453 to #383 - illegalartist (11/17/2012) [-]
Again thats weird because I dont work and i sit here day after day masterbating
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