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> entire bus starts pissing themselves laughing
> piss doesn't stop
> people get scared, guys holding their crotches trying to stop the flow
> bus begins to fill up with collective piss of upper classmen
> bus driver turns around and roars, killing nearest student with a single swipe of his massive, furry claws
> piss keeps rising as the bus speeds down the highway
> bus driver wades through piss, mauling all kids within his reach
> kids are trying to swim away, bus is nearly full of piss and the blood of dead students
> bus driver reaches me as the bus finally fills up
> he claws at his throat, gasping for air and finding only the urine of his enemies
> as the bus driver drowns, i grow gills and start breathing piss
> spaghetti shoots out of the bus's exhaust, launching it skyward
> bus breaks through atmosphere into space, leaving a massive trail of spaghetti through the sky
> by this time I have fashioned myself a hat from the bus driver's soft fur
> I go forth in search of adventure
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**ninaf rolled a random image posted in comment #152 at Hummer ** M ******* FW. You, sir, deserve a thumb.
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"grow gills" I read "Bear Grylls" .....
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Mfw I read this
Mfw I read this
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Still enjoyed reading it for some strange reason.
Still enjoyed reading it for some strange reason.
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I 			*******		 LOVE ADVENTURES
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