john/joe the tard. we need more tard stories people. We 1341546335499 pno( 143 KB, 266x256, my Anonymous on / ) 23 45 35 no 410375520 we 13 not day areth grade  john/joe the tard we need more stories people We 1341546335499 pno( 143 KB 266x256 my Anonymous on / ) 23 45 35 no 410375520 13 not day areth grade
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john/joe the tard

john/joe the tard. we need more tard stories people. We 1341546335499 pno( 143 KB, 266x256, my Anonymous on / ) 23 45 35 no 410375520 we 13 not day areth grade

we need more tard stories people

We 1341546335499 pno( 143 KB, 266x256, my
Anonymous on / ) 23 45 35 no 410375520
we 13 not day areth grade
w advanced class
so next to Add Ne never met can nee some Timur mare
ask ms name
wen call . nts name was John)
m John"
s rt goong John?"
won m
week later
short stones tn class
M ask anonyone has a more eloquent synonym tonne were "Quad
Mann/ Joe says "l KNOW'
noting tor 15 seconds
m" You could say"
m' Thanks Joe not really what rm nooting fun though
we suddenly begins nuting won the netnoob rage eta thousand one demons
wts glazed tare eyes meme my soul
Ssmall quanity monrow secretes framing coroners on no nape
Jennee ms penal lead to a stump no no own paper never breaks eye contact
Anyway. Jenn/ Joe was the absolute craziest tare we ever seen gala bunch stones item were new years aanyone' s Interested
Anonymous on ) / ( Thu) 23 " No 410373273
Tie: 136136880347 pug-( 75 KB, 2561056, pug)
new try my hardest not to
Mex! year
gnow a steinman
mcass new W. gutting on a read top and Manny a made nugets
mffw some reason. teachers some rte a bad ndaa not me any my best bro to
share a hotel room
so put won other pretty CNN guy mead
west we (went call mm Phil, no name wasnt wt gets stuck with Jenn/ Joe
chrash at hotel, closest chaperone ts at the other end
we and roommate up watchmygf way way WAY past l@ itss out
on the door
New (Waugh keyhole
not chaperone 1 Awaits . actually nest bro
wt mm tn. he asks one can crash wth us
m' sure man what happened"
pissed tn the bed Also on the new
he goes name no Mace to shower
werepony back name physically farce John to get tn the shower to wash no stinking pres
tto he continued
Anonymous on ) 07/ 06/ 12( 00 28 No 410379359
We 1341% was KB, 550x413, 1311779404091 mg)
N blatter that day
m bus to go see sometihng
ts a super any poem
next to 3/ 10 duck item class on nos. [ y
s dibbly
a freshman beta with cntent n go st behind them
pstart talking to her, we actually hit t on
watery pg
suddently she screams
n totally
baek what' s wrong
sne gets up and RUNS to back on bus
nook over we seat
has the on no has
down neg. on the seat. everywhere
minutes sums one reeks on pres
Outter gm screamed, teacher runs over
w heads '
nest hm has to try and monster mm the more days and almost gets posed on one
we 134154734391 we KB, 251x238, mt
Next John story
Hate! that year
students help make scenery. set up venue. etc
due to small sue, and sophomores ality aniwey to
to set up day
Hey Joe. news t young?"
we ts normenn ,
my assignment Trent teacher superfood. group or us go work on spray take rocks
gong we LINN Jenn walks up
wt guys In supposta Jenn you mm"
ask why
we doesn' t answer, later learn he wed to eat the decorations he was supposed to be making
show him now to propety pant we rocks. he gets super exerted not some reason
we ms down to Jam we hue, works not anout warty seconds
SPENTS aras ts canted m we blessed winds
gammy my our surpise, we go outside to see what' s happening
attempting to nun pawl but nae never med
we fumbles wth we can and Mds we nizzie
directly at has only wanes away hrad no nose
sen god on god on god
everywhere. an wants nee, nan. etc
we snaps and Weak: out. can and runs may
ebest prom decorator day ever
We 1341543225546 1341:; KB, 5501344. mt
Anonymous on ) / 06712( 39. 50 No M 0337553
We 1341549590628 moan KB, 1026x769, delivery pug)
More Jone b
V s - Etna: John Story
we mentoined. Jenn re creepy pert/ to we now power
stares intently at guns tn class, even we DI wow Senna! year
we to swoon compute: lab one day q owns laptop priveleges are rammed
one up 'working on group project for some class
we online, ht up like any good student sum ramps
News an ‘owed tn one hm PM was and gets one
think much out wot the kind on guy to dick around yon another man' s and neg NIH out sum up dat
we some research, need to save a pet shag,” search an
My Documents' when n mince another tender box drops dawn
Secret" so gud
o m god why
Mme secret“ wok tn tennant comer
o Mann' s antal signed tn
SECRET no NOT OPEN" so much names watery
the sums tender ts we photos afghans tn my class We dump whether to show teachers
some nave than nastily scratched out wth MS Pam some agents. t. and store tn W, invade arches
decree this ts too good to tamper wth. leave the tender Home mask John about t
all about l we disavows all knowledge tyria
week my we not (nine our screenshot ts shared won the masses
to , thierry' s We 8 Wis In there weeks later Jenn ts thrown out on school for excessive pornography and plainly on . never so him agaen
eths never happens, plus mews ann like out, two are craning
mask what' s wrong
Threating EVERY SINGLE COMPUTER has one photos as the background mugs - - .M,, ma pi
snout we are newfriend pictures l 'Nec Tem " ‘ *-'
t this to happen to _ K Histori use new
Gowns p
nap //mow owe ? _ mama yous
Anonymous on ) / ( 25 44 No
We 1341543744458 my KB, 500x454. )
The John sagas
k my Mandate no
3; Manila Firelord Start Page ta
wow sophomore year
wen Wages weeds ms M smart we jam» @_ thnig v won out
widely rumored that Jenn was not we bacefook photo
Benny n have the true proof we m negged M) out n cannot mean l on losing
future lele
sent Insde, go back
Mann tn empty classroom wth mop
we n approach. n Mince he appears to be maning the moose under the tame and through no pants
M walk mm room. no dead psycho eyes are lacked on the screen eon we enternity on a none on bath salts
N am undetected despite no wort to concern my presence
wank around behind NIH
girls 1 cup
Advanced Seven
adult fuck yawn;
amen sex dens
was mm
Anonymous no ) / 0071251100 33 15 No
We 121549195134 KB, Mme. my
twat can take
John was actually good tn school, no tardiness him m ways About more
of academics
More John
was week met
class, Jenn nae mop
sees not appear to be masturbaing
gget up to get a em
wot (misty)
wank news Jenn. pretty [Iain stun. defnitely a step down trout Done
sou. nee strung tn Trent of a glass odor
Anus. mop screen saw none trout outside
gget dunk
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