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User avatar #128 to #108 - hpnerd (09/15/2012) [-]
Yes it isn't, because we didn't spend billions of pounds just to put our flag on a piece of rock without anything of use on it, just to impress some communists...
#163 to #128 - anon (09/15/2012) [-]
I dunno who you are but i ******* love you
#147 to #128 - elliotsalem (09/15/2012) [-]
You said it better than I could<3
You said it better than I could<3
User avatar #135 to #128 - fitchy ONLINE (09/15/2012) [-]
simply put, enjoy your crappy non-american earth flag, and be jelly of our awesome ass moon flag. We threaded a mother ****** needle in the cosmos, the needle being the god damn moon flying at thousands of miles per hour or for you kilometers per hour, and the thread being a god damn tiny ass spaceship. One final sentiment...'MERICA
#129 to #128 - coaldawg (09/15/2012) [-]
You're right, maybe it was foolish to brave out into the universe and make way toward the moon at the cost of money. To defy those who said it couldn't be done. To break our limits. To show that if we put enough effort into our goals and dreams, that we can achieve even landing on the moon. To go where no man has gone before in peace and in the name of mankind and for all those who only dreamed it possible.
User avatar #146 to #129 - swaggerwagon ONLINE (09/15/2012) [-]
although, the only place america has reached without killing anyone would be the moon.
User avatar #198 to #146 - fitchy ONLINE (09/18/2012) [-]
allright selfrighteous eurofag XD you forget your country's history
User avatar #130 to #129 - hpnerd (09/15/2012) [-]
Yes, I am right. Thank you.
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