You rage, you lose. . Son, your the games you are buying are viruses You need to remove them" It-" But Mom! My Sister has Napster and Limewire installed on the  4Chan rage story
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You rage, you lose

Son, your the games you are buying are viruses You need to remove them"
It-" But Mom! My Sister has Napster and Limewire installed on the computer. and she constantly downloads vin. ises disguised as music! I bought these games from Best Buy, they are not infected with anything!"
3-" filo anon, Music cannot have viruses, only games cam"
She took the computer to Best Buy, and the employees told her the same thing sitar they feted it, She them andjust banned me form using the faintly computer for he years. because my Mom always
needs someone to blame except for my sister.,
I whim stored up enough money to buy a Thinkpad, that had it broken ". I just installed Em [Linus into] and cited it is day-
TI Anonymous t) Wim/ Na, E H E
1 2* S' rater continues to use Limewire to download viruses, since she cannot tell the diiference between a are and a bmb mpa
wwhile lam at school (she is supposedly sick). she takes my laptop and tries to use it far her various online activities. and quickly discovers it is impossible to install Windows programs namely on it.
2: -She talks to my Mom and tells forthat t broke my completer_ and that limes probably too embarrassed to fix it
go to Best Eloy and have a fellow install Windows on it. along with every Junk program on this side of the galaxy
They wiped all of school assignments and notes in the process- even the ones hives working on. AND EVEN THE FUCKING FATE THAT WAS NAMED "BACKUP - DO NOT WIFE"
Howthe time] arrive home my sister has managed to kick it up with more viruses than a whore
smy Mam tells me that the laptop is now my sister' s property, since ''I cannot he trusted ninth computers"
Alut Mom, I bought it with my own money from the jobs I did last Summer. Whether! can use it ‘well is irrelevant"
tells me that if it wasn' t for her status as a local pharmacist wwould have never had the jobs. so it was her money anyway
am only half the people I worked far knew her narr%
And that , is how I became known as the computer illiterate of my family
Repel to an
i ' Billie'. W‘ I did, though I looked it in a locked chest instead of putting E lock on it.
Disputes my Sister though a hissyfit, and my Mom responded betaking some to "see haw I feel when someone takes my stuff."
3. 3433455 They somehow ended up Home {including a backup disk of my sister' s data]. but I still refused to hand over my laptop because hick the police, I value my computer more than any other of my possessions {besides
Why didn' t you just take it back and put a lock on memorabilia).
IO/ IO I trot an fucking mad My Mom just called a locksmith and got the out ofthe chest and gays it back to my sister, wha raged because I had reinstalled Mathian and apparently deleted her without backing It up- Being
the calm. cool. rational being she was, she through the laptop outside during helm phage. and it fell in a puddle smile running.
11' tgi' s' st'' iai' I did nnt aeration it earlier because this part is just retarded, not entertaining in the least-
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