What do you mean /b/ is not normal?. i dont like this 5 words thing. File: KB, 1056x767, IMGE. 0428, jpg) adoreable causin and me are at grandma fer l week ism  fourchan

What do you mean /b/ is not normal?

i dont like this 5 words thing

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File: KB, 1056x767, IMGE. 0428, jpg)
***** adoreable causin and me are at grandma fer l week
ism likes me in mama dc I
iwie sleep together in em big bed
watching TV till she falls asleep at much everyday
ileesin sleeps I listen her breathing everynight
inncocent like a angle, I play with my dick meanwhile
ige dawn the sheet, smell between her legs
idem remeber haw it taste ijust tried pulling it down and lick her little pussy
ism wakes up while putting dawn
basks what I' m searching
ii say whim waiting her sleep again
ism does, try again she wakes up again
aask her if i can much her dawn there
ism fcking agrees and I start ta strake her hairless saft pussy with my fingers shes even wet a bit
ism says smth like lick it, i dent remember
aanyway starting ta lick her dawn there meanwhile jerking eff
aask her if she wants teu. ch my dick alse
it, instant cum (my first sex ual with a girl aim}
a little lead ever her fingers
it'll her ta taste, she meant like it that much
igive hera kiss
preheating it everything we meet since this day
Pm 19 she is Mowe have the best sex and neine kneels.
exisiting her family every new year anniversary (they live abaut away) feels badman. jpg
ii wander when this will step, she never had a BF er smth.
ii have a , net compareable my causin thaugh
Hive a great life with this and I dent regret anything I did with her and she does... but sometimes I get a ****** up thaugh’: like I want m marry her tar real... in law its ck in germany but the family
warld kills us.
ask me anything.
spits related, its her
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#2 - anonymous (05/07/2012) [-]
cool story bro......brings back memories.....gotta go fap now.
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