Well...That was unexpected. Line 35..... We gem we 112x126, Mace new Anonymous (15 ) 06/ ( : 25 No 406301114 mmg guys the JUST happened to me we me ajust hang a OP is a faggot
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Well...That was unexpected

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We gem we 112x126, Mace new
Anonymous (15 ) 06/ ( : 25 No 406301114
mmg guys the JUST happened to me
we me
ajust hang a walk about
A down the beckenham palace
aas 1 get there there are these two gm: holdong Same sen Augured l was a map
whey look hickok hot
mmust be 5720
rim 17
whey look ever at me
VI away tryong not to make l look as 111 was stanag
whey start to me
VI can see them out ofthe corner of my eye
mavericked up
VI tryto make busy
deepen my bag putang out a bottle
whe hotter ofthe two approaches me
excede me"
accents so on my water
VI look at her
sshe mehrens to the leaset a map
m" can you shew me howto perfrom here to "
mmy god they must be rewarded We strenght downthe read
m" sure thog"
VI turn around way re came
go down there, wake the hast nght you get to, youll go past ths statue a by behing take the nestled"
m" / blead es nght to It?"
sshe / es
wholy fuck she looks hot
Anonymous (ID ) ( 27 34 No 106301921
We % 258 we 261x254, 1332391110816 new
whee as
sshe thanks me and walks backto
away, to hde my harden
me on the shoulder
VI week amend
me and my mend were wondring she weeks ever at heathens, she / es at me
would you mrdd tawny us? we have a new other places we' see and we den
know ths place very wen"
VI Hymn was the fact thatthe rs Fucking aweseome
act alchool about l
yeah sure, where else are youth/
Mast Seward a couple hours
sht loads replaces, payment, hyde park, the london eye, the hm museum, the whole works
s get dark
hanks nor all your help anon, we had wen
aha, thanks, you two ?'
yeah, we' re 951719 backto our hotel ", she weeks at
and nods
zloty's back at me
r' umm we were would you We to come back wth us? you know, Just to hang out and stur?'
boner level 9551
r' fun, where rs your hew"
Anonymous (ID ) ( Fri) 09 35 45 No 106302568
some more
wwe are back atthe hotel mom
wwe have some on,
Amy are tihng me about what Mayne dung here
Amy are takng a break from college
er some sht
wwe start to settle down
mthe hotmal that 1 hast spoke to says shes to go have a shower
we starts to the bathroom
when, would you we to tne?"
mthe stateless back
Shane, 11 you really wan"
sshe pulls undresses l asda, %
we has pretty bahts, lhe DD
VI getthe fuck up and walk bathroom, teaing my own Shun an
ashes already got her bra andytags or, thong on
VI stop dead
we has the ever seen In awn
chardon gets harder
ever to her, she puts her arms around my neck and we has
ashes makng
matter a couple she pulls away and tells me (Make an
matter 1 have done, shes chewer, naked
Anonymous (ID ) ( IT 45 No 106303559
We we 325x155, legs gm
aliums In, naked as well
we turns to face me, we kss seen mere
mmy my aganst her thah
sshe starts to stroke l
spuddenly she pulls away and , the shower rs eh us
sshe grabs hold my reek hard cock and stroke l propperly
rs Inches 77571111
up at me as she swans to stroke my dask
Myst stand there watchng her week my eyes as she mks my gems
sshe tears heracy away from me and weeks at my cock
her hp: and open her mouth sightly, mang her head towards l
VI breathe In
goddess gangta be good
sshe socks out personguy and mks the up of my pews
sshe l around the head my cock, lasing my dask
VI rest my hand on the top when head
up at me agaen, sexy
sshe open her mouth a swans to surround the whole ewe head of my cock min healers
my eyes and mean sonly
sshe starts to move her head down the enire 15719171 Mme pens
sshe gets tothe end en my cock and holds l there
VI can feel the end of my dask back
sshe most be me at ths
VI week down
yher eyes are closed, her nus tartly wrapped amend my cock
sshe pull back 5111
severed In her Saws
listens underlie shower
sshe pulls allthe way up and releases my cock wth a 'pop' from her mouth
up atone,
Anonymous (ID ) ( 55 59 No 106304291
We we , pokeballs en)
VI nod In
sshe weeks back down at my awaking pens and
suck l propperly
yher head btab, suckjob and sluing eh my cock
rm severed In heisst
meanng and my head back
mths seems to make burgomaster
my dask wth every bob en her head
sshe strokes my pens everygame she pulls up
makng good
sshe stops and pulls away, standing back up
sshe turns around and presses the wall ewe shower
sshe seeks her ass outros me, her shaven pussy clearly
sshe weeks back at me over her shoulder, blong her lps
Scams here my boy'
hey as fuck
VI , my dask mm my hand we the en her pussy
eyes the
VI my pens
ashes gasps a lttle, then / es amend / e, her eyes closing
m" dot", she begs
VI hold tthere for a second
sshe opens her eyes and stares at me, a beging expressive eh hamface
meese, PLEASE, do "
what?", 1 ask Innocently
sshe gestates a moment belong sayang
me please, please, PLEASE hock me'
VI / e at her and gently startle sade my pens win her
Anonymous (15 ) ( ) 10 M 54 No 455354595
We DHI 1 MB, 480x270, boom en)
sshe gasps and her eyes tll back ocher head
VI stop halway and start to pullout
VI can feel her pussy onto my dask
ashes bling her lps, the sde ocher head pressed wall
VI pull , then push back In agam, only a 111112 ever halway
ths urns then outages
ashes heaney now, begging me s/ entry to destroy her
VI her agaen and, amsome, gom my
VI stay there for a ', leting her feel the new weigth owner
sshe gasps and leans back, me
VI Stank) pull Runabout 3/ 4 ewe way, then back In agaen
Mm gong at about a medium pace
VI move back romote kras and let her rest her head eh the wall
VI swan to wok up the pace, 901719 sightly fasten
sshe starts to mean sonly, tihng me hew good titels
VI reach around and gently sup harms
whey are so my hands
urgently squeeze them and play wth her maples
VI gently this her neck and shoulders as 1 fuck her
VI bronto speed up now, banging her a lettle betterthan before
sshe makes me aware by vacume owner means
sshe sounds so sexy
lonng ths
VI lean back and startle really pound that pussy ochers
VI spank her ass and she gasps, then means the loudest she has done
won 50050555, DO THAT AGAIN, SPANK ME!"
Anonymous (15 / 15/ 12( 12 27 No 106305850
VI / e and slap ass agaen
sshe means even louder, l almost bang a scream
sshe braces wall, her hands
ashes harass 17115715 wth me her
ashes gene hard and shes mekong lonng l
VI reach up and gran her bythe shoulder, her backwards even
my dask
one hand Famine wall and uses Ito grab tonttu ', screamingly pleasure new
VI start to slow down as 1
VI lean and bte her neck and shoulders agaen,
sshe uses harms hand to press my head down mere
VI slow down and start to fuck her more sonly new
sshe and pushes me backwards
sshe steps towards me and {asses ere , me down towards the Mor
onthe Nyor, my back wall
sshe down and hovers her pussy ever my dask
my pens to the ocher hungry pussy
sshe weeks at me, her pussy Worn my dask
sshe smirks as she wowers and then vases l from me, teaser me
VI have both my hands eh her mps, just above her sexy, bulky legs
putang her down, tryong to get that pussy on me
sshe Stuns: before her Alps and wereing ontop on me
mmy dask spreads open her pussy lps and beans to
Anonymous (ID ( ) 10 23 55 No 106306812
We we 231x175, takedown gun
sshe starts to we my dask, slowly anal
when she begans we wok up speed
yher eyes are tartly closed, her pussyfart as tartly wrapped amend
my cock
sshe moan egmn, loudly
Van god thm news so good, on G( '
sshe my cock alien pace
yher pussy rs my cock and titels so FUCKING soor
bronto beonce up and downa my Face
VI lean back and let hermes my dask
weeks makng amazng and news even better
down at me and lass me as she was me
ashes as shes kising me
my hands eh her mps and run them all the way upto her boobs, 76911719 her sexy body
VI In my hands, her maples agaen
meheecans back and to we my dask
VI upwards win her new
sshe and begins to scream Jutin pleasure
but as 1 thrust made 011727 womb
about hew " to cum made on her
VI mght get her pregnant, butthat only makes l seem hotter
VI carry eh fucking her, shes straddling my cock and [slang my dask my
sshe starts to slow down
sshe weeks at me and btas her lps
sshe stops and leans close to me
lets take ths to the bed', she says
whay about ?', 1 say
whay about hen" she / es
sshe gets up steps out ewe shower
Cl Anonymous (15 ) ( ) 10 32: 11 No 455357542
we 160x119, name err)
VI walk showerier her
myfriends newhere to be seen, probably In her Jon mom
wwe classroom we are both st/ l shower
her pussy out
her and slap her acres: the ass agaen
sshe means and hues herpes, at me
piston and get my dask when pussy
sshe doses her eyes, for mowe interfer
VI slowly sade veranderen bago to wok wine we
571515 and In pleasure agaru
Mm banging her so hard the bed rs banging wall
mthe people Inthe murdering her
VI guess 1 was
her, 1 begynte became aware beared ere
VI turn sightly and see In the doorway, us
sshe has a smerk eh hamface, mucha& e herrings
ashes weaing a sexy pwt# hygene bra and hot pants
VI stop and week at her
ashes even heathens
VI want seen ulnar
sshe berrys to us
looks around, wending why we stopped
sshe spots and / es
sweltered when you were us', she laughs
laughs wth her
Anonymous (15 ) ( Frim 41 12 No 455355373
we we 125x125, err)
walks menu me on the was ewe bed
sshe starts to undo her bra
sshe releases l and 1113115 down revealing otherthan the
pprobably Es
VI week back back aims was ewe bed
VI get up and , her
sshe pulls away and gets down DMD her knees on the Nagrand beans to mm
my dask wth her hand
comes awe bed her eh her knees
mthe F suck my dask
sshe surrounds the head en my pens wth her lps then moves l down the en my cock
sshe starts to suck my hard cock
VI gently start to thrust her mouth
mthe head of my cock the back t# cutthroat
sshe pulls away, my cock up and down
m severed In her spt
she grabs and places l between hearts and becos to fuck me yew her boobs
VI start upthrust my dask between them, t news makng 35311719
watches, looking up at me
iklng she gets up and pulls ocher hot pants
sshe gran me by the shoulders and pushes me DMD my back on the bed
sshe scrambles ontop me
sshe straddles my cock and her
yhe testator
mths new good
sshe swans to we my pens ocher
Anonymous (ID ( ) 10 " 52 No 455359539
an % 5 THI 81 MB, 255x142, fuckyou an
me for a , those huge boobs enders
bouncing up and down
ewes Emmy , straddled
her pussy down mung my Alps
VI perjury pussy
tastes so good
sshe tastes so good
yher pussy rs so sweet
VI want l
VI hungrily lap t up and etchedout
sshe means along wth
whey are both 557237711719
moth when we the
whey hold one each 50727157 Suppah
mths rs hot
Vitto pleaseing two sexy girls at both ends en my body
mthe wls ontop on me begins to shake
won , GOING TO cum" she 557537775 out
VI want herto seer
VI want thetaste that sweet sum miners
her harder and taster, sucking heron!
ashes 557537111719 new
on GOIN'
VI we down eh hardstand sade deep no her pussy
sshe Screams the loudest yet and then shake uncontrolably
Anonymous (15 ( " 35 No 455315574
We we 401x299, Scared new
her sum ho pussy and 1 lap tall up, samsung every mouthed
Fthe makes
2 medels 5515551115
4 gallon my dask starts to scream as well
VI make sure ubunto her extra hard
sshe loves ths and Screams even women
sshe beans to sum and shake
so hot, stt makaha two gals sum
sshe walks warm her bed and intot, bender ever and resing the head board,
VI Prion myface and use a hand hellothe sde as my cock
yher hands are eh hers been her DWI! maples
sshe swans to some down here her orgasm
girls are
Pl been teveel my own orgasm
Anonymous (ID ( ) 11 11 45 No 455311419
We my we 244x200, )
gene to sum gerls'
whey both week atme, srslee
mthe 9111571 my dask hops down 11557. the her
m' tyn ', the F 9171 says
VI deny protest
VI stand up ronchy ofthem
mthe Fiml grabs my pens and beans to stroke chorme
Mm to new my cum rase from my balls
god yes, here tarots", 1 say
whey both Suck out , me we Shoot my bad all everytim
whey are so sexy, In gangta blow l ALL evertiem, eh god here racemes
yes, here resume csis, here 1 cum!"
mthe cum from my bagginses from my balls tothe up of my pens, about to shootout
spuddenly 1 become by
the bottle 1 had been holdong, t' onto my shoes
VI look up
back palace
VI look beared me, the gals are away
the when thog was a daydream
every second
As always, 1 had the best cuckoo we You guys had me In
new surpised no one sad what was some The rs we done ths zlamous
Goog out how guys, 1 had fun ma next we
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#1 - tolikbro
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(06/15/2012) [-]
**tolikbro rolled a random image posted in comment #5455109 at FJ Pony Thread ** MFW I read it all and fapped. No regrets.
**tolikbro rolled a random image posted in comment #5455109 at FJ Pony Thread ** MFW I read it all and fapped. No regrets.
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holy ****, i'm speechless
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Maybe I'm being dense but...
#9 - amarazengiku
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(06/23/2012) [-]
Dear lord! This is the fifth time I fapped to something on FunnyJunk today and I did not visit the **** section even once. ******* hell!
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**anonymous rolls 74**
#6 - creaturecat
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my god i had a feeling it would be a twist ending lol