Viking Tard stories. It's a long read but it's worth it!. smthng re the library we day we a mend inmune we rs a gen Mm laying down head re her lap reaking mime  Viking Tard stories It's a long read but it's worth it! smthng re the library we day mend inmune rs gen Mm laying down head her lap reaking mime
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Viking Tard stories

Viking Tard stories. It's a long read but it's worth it!. smthng re the library we day we a mend inmune we rs a gen Mm laying down head re her lap reaking mime

It's a long read but it's worth it!

smthng re the library we day we a mend inmune we rs a gen
Mm laying down head re her lap reaking
mime Perrier en my eye n see a shape
constantly sense a re the force
she easel seen v% cktard she doesnt knee
N get up, and she asks me when wrung
rs strolling upto es
she asks me fl keen hrm
Mm to escape
we grabs the cores table re front en es
sen screams
we res that motherfucker out ofthe concrete and begins a necking snarl answer rage
N am tryong to been a we out ofp/ loos to protect me
we launchs that motherfucker Into a bookcase
M necking tear up, n dont want to the
up as Bluntcard screams
we bookcases necking erect Into each other
mrkaos everywhere
panels corectly at me
we yells “(DU WILL as av THE moon OF we n we A VIKING'
we grabs my Mend bythe her
we was down the securty metal (Venetian: and PICKS up we ewe broken wanes to fagmon a eeipen
means my mend out bythe and
we the way out mime school all that can be heard rs and Intermittent yells en l AM "
huge fucking Venn and pres marks out hrs loganon
we Mend
we library
smthng re class
Hhnngg lecture about seme bullsht
mm new Twas were
MARCHES win the mum
we teacher backs up a lettle be
backs en slightly
we re all slowely engang away
we vxkrek rs nutmeg at es reeking es
corectly at my hand
sears YES vow WILL as we
rmy mend trembles slightly as ths necking 'Juggernaut byrnes to/, ards es
re bear hugs V% cktard
beans huang and
we fuck
M cram under my desk and peer out
mts beserk mode
wreaks free
mourns around and suckerpunched the meg FUCK out ofthe 'wrangler
collapses we bursts we earthquaked laughter
we knees overrode desks re puck
treacher rs cahnt her husband tihng hrm she loves hrm
rmy mend rs praying to gen
we vxkrek rs smthng en the Mor
we stench
sh gee the stench
sass out
when n wake ewe classroom rs
rmy mend rs a nervous week
we gens erring
we strangler re the Perrier keeps mumbling new a phone we HAVE we CONTAINED
rmy desk rs gene
M chll happened
to to/ to take a pres at semen
baseman rs re there stanag at hrs
sh gen dont [ull me
M stand at the uneven:
mhe' s stanag Intensely at the mere
M slowly begun to ease up take a slash
en nowhere ths out
AME unleash the beast and endure the erase hme mp out
we 1805 and completely weeks the maria the re the mum
we [ ung snaps we we around hrs fucking neg and crumbles
weres somebody re there sloved to
baseman rs fucking huang and peing slowly behing up hrs rage
we begun: breating faster and harder
M cant pres anymore we
we has ht breaking pew
jersery re the to/ stall beans at ths we HANK ofa man
drunktard releases a could bong the dead beams: We and make deadpeople sht themselfes
we screams at full volume "NEVER FEAR FOR n AM
we snug: Ruiz ofthe valkyries at full suname turns around and preses re the sunk
swanks out calmly
sh god rhea the fuck nrn n vileness
jersery erring re the to/ stall
M cant pres anymore
we was a true rerking
D Anonymous ( : 44 14 No mm
m 16 and smaking pot beforre the serum school we (needs
re a meet quadrangle were nobody gees
Irant re my putouts when n hear a scream
as a smake bomb gees em surfeit
when the smoke annars my we {needs are next to me and haning Wine feet
llook around and see a 5 foot tard a Mace we topple wee ranked Hm towards me
M spent away unable to scream
we tard wees me to get away
M round a Perrier and HAM
w fall to the ground as the tard smacks me we a
sprockets to pull sht out Men: helmet and thrusts l re my we before eaing seme
we stand eries out" " and away
W' s the here ths only deserves
D Anonymous / ) 15 43 24 No
wean torwards the local wands to a stream
M hang by a small wallplant Bugs Bunny en the Gameboy Color
we 24
sound bombs must be those
rgomget about l
sew sounds turn mm
we hearers ripen up a godly downpour wrenches the wands
sinks: the ground a new meters from me throuhg dust and men mm the arr crewing a smokescreen
s behemoth silhouette stands aganst the remnants ovog Hake n to be a tree
mmust annars up a an colossus stands re " place noting but a horned helmet
sears through hrs fat lps and punches hrs fat stomach crewing a that caused me to release my been violently
M my Gameboy at the creature tears streaming down my eyes We Mn sht rom Manna
raryti run but rednose my negs are paralysed from terror fall ever We a babby
we yand nuns towards me grabbing a transfrom the ground we hrs and l above hrs head We a baby re suspenders
mane GIVE ME " he screams
trunk at my peers l re salrith ease
we body rs tennesee beans presing we Inge! from my ass
srss and sht combo forms helarious mass and mes we the mum ewe hundred Russan mm the we orv% cktard
drunktard screams we fury and falls to the ground hrs awn 'nnight daesung the earth to open at hrs feet
M watch as he falls through the we Into the abyss
M pray Valhalla took hrm re as a solder
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User avatar #3 - lereturnedtroll
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(05/27/2014) [-]
I haven't read these in a year but **** they're still hilarious
#2 - anon
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(04/09/2012) [-]
Thumbs for you sir, that was ******* funny
User avatar #1 - sierramike
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(04/08/2012) [-]
The last one made me lol.