The Tale of a Boy Named Porkchop. . File: -( 45 ks. assess, porkchop, jpg) we me we 12 and in the Tth grade mgoing through a bit em fat patch because I like pla 4Chan greentext funny porkchop Anal
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The Tale of a Boy Named Porkchop

File: -( 45 ks. assess, porkchop, jpg)
we me
we 12 and in the Tth grade
mgoing through a bit em fat patch because I like playing vidya instead sf playing sports
mmust be getting pretty fat because people start calling me
twasn' t tee bad until the genotypes start squealing at me
tthis ene jock Tony.. he' s the Worst
gets in my face and squeals and snorts like he' s having a seizure
he even slaps my butt.. not really sure what he wants mixed signals are a bitch
aanyway. this ene girl Lauren a class above me is actually kind sf nice to me
sshe says hello and stuff
kl say hello back
ea few months gs by
Hired sf being the and start practicing karate at heme to get fit
kid becomes my favorite movie
pstart thinking I' m like . because he was bullied at first tee
pstart getting a little slimmer
even notices I' m looking better
ppeople start calling me less
met that Tony..
we still snorts at me as much as ever
jiust ignore him and carry en with life
Part 2 incoming-.
ewe day it' s field day and there' s stuff going en everywhere
we ene has class, it' s just games all sheathe school
Wheeling thirsty and ' s a soda machine in the back ofthe gym
met my liquid sugar and feel like taking a piss
tthere' s this we bathroom meurthe soda machine that no we ever uses because it' s kinda filthy
wwhatever, I gotta pee
we in the bathroom and a sight of pure herrer hits me
wee Tony butt fucking Lauren right there at the sink
mode engaged
braise my hand up high ever my head
arrt miyagi, yeu' taught me well
peerfect fbgm all the way down
Tony' s dick right between his waist and Lauren' s butthole
iscream Frc) at the top sf my lungs
falls to his knees, starts cumming/ pissing bleed feom"
pulls up her pants and runs out, I don' t even care
bl just turn to the sink and wash my hands clean
stake mytine, want to make sure I get Lauren' s pee off sf me
vwhen I' m done I walk out and leave Tony en the hoo,
ffrom that day en. Tony never squealed at me again
we anyone about what happened and I
I lived opte my nickname in high school
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