The Hardest Metal. 4chan science. lb! -Randam it tbt - Random it _ images greater man ) . ) Read the rula and FAQ bettere pasting. III admirer updated: f) 7. Sh
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The Hardest Metal

4chan science

lb! -Randam it tbt - Random it _
images greater man ) . )
Read the rula and FAQ bettere pasting.
III admirer
updated: f) 7. Sh aw. -‘betide Show All
icon! is open for discussion of 200th
A news asst will gs up asspie lime in the next sh/ i) - A FEW MERE DAY SOSORRY'.
What makes Diamond the hardest metal /b/ 7
the fact that it' s not a metal
not a metal. cunt.
diamond --- metal
added farce and dragons.
the threaten she research dime by the at Pittsburgh, diamond has been as the hardest metal mm ta mam The research is as
Elam- / sci/ sos built It intall dieron and cashed a diam car int-: 3 it At per ham, and the car was unharmed- They than built
a wall eat and crashed a car made at lam marina At miles an hear late the wall, and the wall -same out this They than cras. hed. a Diamond.
car made of miles per hait. late a wall, and there were he sum. They crashed per hula his a traveling at than car. Western New
lask was hears- They rammed a wall intoa 400 mile per hour madam diamond, and the explicity. shifted the earth' s tribut
as milling': miles away tram the sari, eating the earth tram at meteor thesite at a small jubudi that was towards ' Prussia
At miles per hear. -They shut a Diarmid made at has at sear mawing. at 400 walls perhabs-, and as. a result caused truer HIRE wayward airplanes
ta lass track of their bearings, and make a fatal crash with .twee SHED . s' New Yark: as miles at diamod ihtm per wad.
The results were : arta: ally, they placed pet hear in 'itsnt. a car made of wall At miles peridot and the result pruned
without a doubt that diagram's remethe hardest metal of all "Ems, if not. just the -hardest metal mm to mam
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Submitted: 08/10/2012
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