Thai food. . File 2 13208_ -( 8 KB, 224x217, ) I An l 1/ El 9/ l 1( lhl ed) Neil l 647341 El into Gamestop cashier girl behind the counterpart I' never seen bef Thai food File 2 13208_ -( 8 KB 224x217 ) I An l 1/ El 9/ 1( lhl ed) Neil 647341 into Gamestop cashier girl behind the counterpart I' never seen bef
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Thai food

File 2 13208_ -( 8 KB, 224x217, )
I An l 1/ El 9/ l 1( lhl ed) Neil l 647341 El
into Gamestop
cashier girl behind the counterpart I' never seen before
smiles and greets me even though she' s already helping a
Simile back fart's wide and grunt set something resembling "hey!"
game rack
Pstart browsing the section sf used 360 games
kl don' t even swn a
H knew exactly what game I came here to purchase Must don' t want herto knowthat fer sems reason
Chinkshit ifl leek like (m just browsing fer a game en the fly I' ll leek like less ofa er samething
i.,. Fiinally grab the Atlus game I wanted
r it between two IOS, PSA sports games from the bargain fuckthat I' ll never play
into line in front cashier' s desk
Spuddenly realize that there are far mere people in the there were bevers
starts grumbling hem the spicy Thai takeout and caff's I had fer my nsan breakfast
nine is moving slew
girl keeps glancing up at me apologetically every sacs in a while
grumbles audibly
like I might need to use the restroom
set this point several mere people have filed into the line behind me
it' s tee late I can' t walk away from the line er I' ll leek like an idiot
emits ens loud squeaking inside fart noises
in line turns to leek at me
sheepishly and pat my stomach like (m sems kind fat uncle
gut actually hurts new and I feel like I need to reposition my body to mavs the gas around
to bend ever and pretend to tie my shes laces in hopes that it will squeeze the fart back inside me
Blending only makes it Worm?
all the wahts the floor. almost sitting
starts to mavs in front sf me
to stand up I actually start crawling forward standing
makes a noise like a Gems
pain sheets through my colon and I mean audibly
Hey are yse okay?" asks the Woman behind me in line
Cl Anonymous ' 1( leled) Ne-' l 16
hits the Mor and I' m literally doubled ever in pain in the middle ofthis Gamestop as my stomach groans like an old pirate ship and a crowd sf people
starts to form around me
trying to think of sems way to playthru eff as asks and escape before I shit pure Sriracha sauce ints my pants
into a pose
Make Some Noise' by the Beastie Boys starts playing set of newhere
up en my hands and start doing a Letus Flare. spinning my legs around under me
ewe cread gasps and steps back
bowels are screaming in pain anthis point. my face is purple
into a series of kicks and freezes
ems people around me start ts laugh and cheer
llt' s too late. my sphincter is being hammered hem the inside by a pillar offere and I can feel it leaking out
Pstart doing the Worm
anus into a bringing forth a cacophony of Lovecraftian horrors hem beyond the veil inhuman understanding
ride ens in the cread seems ts notice. they' re all clapping along to the imaginary music
windmill my legs up in the air as I spin en my back and shoulders
ems tidal wave illiquid feces has net ceased. and the sf my spins is causing streams sf it ts cascade down to my ankles and fling hem the legs of my pants
Aaww shit dis nigga straight C). GI yells sems black guy in the back
edits sf my peep are splattering all Evert's Gamestop customers gathered around me, hens ofthem seem to even care
even startes rub it ints and chests as they dance along with me
Pstart doing a helicopter spin en my head
Cl Anonymous l / 1 1( Wed) Nel 15» -
KB, 224x217, )
poo splatters the game racks. the walls. the Mor amend me: every surface in the room is quickly being painted by my femmy mess
Hm nearing 25 rotations. well past my receed
electrical appliances start ts fizzle and smoks as diarrhea seeps
pl finally attempt a heese mavs_. but the centrifugal fence sf my spin combined with the slippery surface awshit below me instead cause me to jettison horizontally
Dismiss scatter like leaves bevers me as I rocket towards the exit en my belly. like some kind untwisted shitty
Hint this point the cash register. lights and display machines shop are sheeting sparks wildly and beginning's hams up
was I burst through the glass deem. the Gamestop behind me erupts ints a fireball. the explosion launching me high ints the air. and I strike a pose like a plucked
chicken dinner's I sail interes atmosphere mall riding high epin the crest sf my shit wave
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Why can't anyone on 4chan hold their **** in?
It seems somewhat bizarre that everyone on there has loose...wait.
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I was so close to laughing before and now you have caused me to lose my sides in the middle of a fancy library.