Tard Stories 7. TY I LOVE YOU ALL (Except that one hater) 6: /channel/4chan/Tard+Stories+6/wfquDjs 8: /channel/4chan/Tard+Stories+8/MGsuDZT. in school urinal ne seltzer swag
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Tard Stories 7

in school urinal next lo Downie retard kid.
r: -He' s Just laughing and holding his dick.
Aides lo touch me with it.
starts making a high pitched screaming noise.
leave before anyone tilde aces.
Ale always. runs away timn me in the hallway freed then en.
ybe in line at walmart checkout
austistic hie. meet r? years old, with his dad in teat me
Hare keeps leeking at my shit. then inciting hack at his dad
breaches half they re my vitamin water
breaches of the way to my vitamin water
3: -teaches vitamin water lightly
epicks it up
weenie it
astards drinking very slowly , carefully
we sees what his retard is doing and starts swearing
gs" god dammit Phil!"
we eberything lean nor re laugh
a little
glares at me, "I' m may (super sarcastic), he' s autistic"
we vitamin water fer me
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